Pretending paradise

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Pretending peradise..

Submitted: June 18, 2010

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Submitted: June 18, 2010



I think that the life is pretending paradise,it contains this world from the theme of
reallity.I wasnt meant to be born,but it happend from nowhere,and yet
i must take blame
for my birh,because i was brot to the world with no sense ,only love preveale.
My body is weak like fruit from the three,it can be broken by the wish from above.
I poter somthimes,and think about the world and people.They are the engine in this world,and
yet i cant find the reason to exist,it must be somthing else,than just living.
It must be somthing diffrend from our life,it cant be yust living to servave.But my searh will
never find an answear,you see the answer cant be find in a question,you must search it from the
outside of the this case it is death
,but the death is twisted path that separates us
from the living,its called parrallel world,i think that ive seen this space before,it sorraunds
us like a black color spreading the edges all over the place,it really cant find the dead end.
I watch the news and all this crap people say that we will live in underworld,when we pass on.

like we will born again from another person v....
but i think that is all lay,they just trying to convece us diffren from our thinkingnes.
Dont late yourself manupulate,think for your head only,and from the loveones take the wase
info.,that someday it mey serve you good. Bye,and dont forgot to hope,until very end.

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