Push from SHE

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I know that there is alot of mistakes grammar,but i did this poem very fast,and i like it this way its very street like
Anyways rate and comment,dont bother with the grammar errors!

Submitted: June 16, 2010

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Submitted: June 16, 2010




My love, my faith, my pain, my hate has spoken
into the one word unknown traped into the mind of me,
cant escape from the reallity.
I know that im young,but what shall i do with this youngnes
if i dont know how to love you.Mybe i need some love push
from you, to reallise the cure,so i can love without the
hasitation and be free like i wannted to be,and my love, i will love you
with all my heart.I wonna be diffrend,but im affraid,of this difrentcy
in me and the reaction of people sorrounding me.
Now i know what i must do ,to clear my self of this hook,to forever be
in your deet,like the prince from the Maryland.
Im just bubling the words in my mouth,i cant explane the doubth,that is
searcing in me every second of SHE.

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