The end of earth

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The end of earth

Submitted: July 31, 2010

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Submitted: July 31, 2010




Are you feeling my rhyme,going through the time,

when our souls were traped in the pain of adept surcemstances.

No? But i do,it was dark,cold, and i will never forget the gold of mine,

thinking that i have last task before my last life on earth.

The task was simple to convince the humanity to become more

fear of the reallity.

In which our days are counted,i fell the dark age infront of us.

And for now the things dont look good for the earth,because

in 2185 will fall the commet on the land and shaped the structure

of the sand.

This is probably not so bad story if we took for conclusion that the

year 2185 is still far away from our reachnes,but still its good

to warn others of this disaster before everything vanishes in one

big blacknes and covered the hole in our creation,for were are

so proud of,on what we acheve,that we were give everything to

optain it, or is it?

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