The one, fairy tale

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The one, fairy tale poem

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012




She is the key, that can set me free,

she is the reason, that my heart is beating faster,

she is my everyting, I cant sense any desaster,

but the truth is this, I didnt find her yet,

Im only dreaming of her, somewhere in this world that I set.

Is funny thing, that people say, is ment to be, is ment for love,

but love is just a word, and the life is also, together are magic,

that can change your soul also, be prepared for anyting, because you

never could guess, what will happen tomorow, what the next day, I guess,

Im just saying, dont let down your guards, as nither do I,

will await her, untill the day, when I will stop beliven in the fairy tale,

but im still young, and shall think, that the love is outhere for me to grab,

chances are few, but so is truth, who is the right for me,

who is, the one?

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