a lovely smile you have

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what a wonderful smile you have
why thank you
you should look closer

Submitted: April 11, 2013

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Submitted: April 11, 2013



there a small town located in california,a small town you can barely miss it .what is the name of the town you say

mojove is the name of the land of the dead.things happen in mojove most people cant say much because they havent seen the smiley man yet .

a large humanoid creature much like a small giant .yet this horrible disfiguring smile upon its face

walking late at nite in the desert holding ontoa bloody baby doll mumblinga song as it walks the town

(long the bridge is falling down)

when he walks you have nothing moving .no foot steps

if you ever came across himwhat would you doo ?

run for it  ?

close your eyes tight hoping your seeing things

or face him  heh really would you face him ?

i wouldnt do that if i was you ....

he loves to eat human flesh










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