dark blue water

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why do are desires get the better of us ? how can we overcome then ?

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013




i watched the children play inthe park like they always do.listening to the bird's cheep like they always do yet something felt different then normal days .i found a lake on the side of the park that wasnt here yesterday this confused me highly .so from my awe in affected i walked towards thelake looking in the water not seeingmy reflection in yet i seen another person looking back at me with a very surreal like to there yet i counldnt help but wonder who this person was .


they smiled grew wider as they spoke to me in a gently voice

"why do you stare at me so ? ,am i that ugly to you? "

over come with emotion i felt my voice get caught in my throat as i spoke in a small voicetowards the reflection"this just doesnt seem right to me how can i not see myself in this mirror ? 


the reflection smiled abit wider "maybe you have never seen yourself to begin with so dont seem so suprized .we are one in the same if your asks yourself .

over come with anger.feeling my hands ball up into a fist .intense rage filledmy chest and mind growling in anger.as i drove in to the water hoping to make the face stop talking itonly maadethe voice from the water get worst which only added to this undenable feeling racing in my chest.

the cold was cold sending chills up my spine .hands begin to feel like ice cubes.needle like sting up my legs .slowly the water begin to rise up covering my face as i felt water forcefully entering my mouth making me choke 

everything to begin to fade into darkness

"there never was a voice to begin with anyway .it was all in the head ."



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