shadows steps

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do you believe in the supernatural being ? ghost or shadows people ?
well not to burst your bubble but they do exist in many shapes and forms .shadows people are the things that creep me out

Submitted: March 31, 2013

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Submitted: March 31, 2013



shadows people are the test ?

would you hunt them down to do the rest ?

hidding in the corner of your room,laughing and giggling to seal your doom,mouths are watering with a smile bold and dead for a while

haunting and stalking in the dark,waiting for you to make the start .yet they always stay afar

being there is was not that far

whispering your death into your ear .night after night .they come in your nightmare to scare your more yet only to give you a heart attack and more

coughing up blood on different night's of the week .but noone know's what is wrong with you .no illness they can be found

hospital are buffled at your case yet they never go away .waiting for yo to die slowly so can take yoru soul to the darkest places in the grave

haunting voices come from a window not far from your bed .

"well you come with us ? it will be all over if you do my dear .just die and come here ."

you cry in such fear hoping they would go away .yet they would go away .grinning and smiling

the night comes and brings such great terror as they get into your room walking towards you in a small steps laughing at you

"its time to go heheh"

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