Betrayed Again

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This is a story of a girl who was stupid enough to trust the man she'd given everything to and let him back into her life and he left all over again.

Submitted: June 15, 2014

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Submitted: June 15, 2014



You let him in
you let yourself love him again
stupid fool dont you know if you play with fire you get burned
you think you would have learned by now
that boy is no good
how could he stand there lieing; straight faced
his lies were about everything; isnt that such a disgrace?

stupid girl you trusted blindly; loved wildly
now here you are left there broken and battered
wondering if you had ever mattered
betrayed once again
left alone to wonder when?
everything crumbled again
could it be your a fool?
you willingly laid there while he took what he wanted
now you pay the price for your ignorance.. dont you feel haunted?

it was your undoing
now your stuck here gluing the remains of your shattered heart back together
are you happy now?
tell him he should take a bow... wasnt his performance perfect?


even now your wrecked
his hearts always been as cold as stone
there was no intent of mercy to be shown
henever kept his promises
now you are both out of chances
he threw your world for a whirl
your suprised by this betrayel??

your face is red
because of all of your tears that were shed
all that pain and regret in your heart
HA! Do you still think the choice was smart?


he was nothing but trouble
now your left here to fumble through the remains of your shattered life....


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Betrayed Again

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