Imprisoned In Hell / Darklady

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always trying to fight and never winning ...

Submitted: November 28, 2011

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Submitted: November 28, 2011



Long is the waiting

Starless murky sky

The damp mist is coming through the shadows...

Icy emotion cutting my flesh slowly!

I wander in this deserted street

No doors, no windows to escape

Just emptiness itself!...

Shambling as a sleepwalker

In the deep night

without destination or purpose

I walk blind through the fog ...

Eternal agony...

Haunted souls

Come and rip my heart

Stop the twinge in my chest!...

In the woods of sorrow I am

Moans and screams I hear...

Creepy creatures of darkness

Observing me with their angry eyes ...

Phantoms from the past

Murmuring me cruel wacky words...

Spirits from the present

Torturing my mind!...

"Come and take me" I shout!

Stabs all over my body

Agonizing pains...

I feel my twisted soul fading away

I see my weakness!

Infinite is the night in my shattered heart

All these feelings tormenting me !!

I yell to the empty space

All my anger and despair

But, there's no one to listen...

Darkness is all around

There's no escape!

Evil spirits fly around me ...

Senseless thoughts in my head!

Death is everywhere

Crows chirp my requiem

I feel my bones freezing

My heart stopping

My soul flying away...

There's no stars tonight to guide me

No moon to light my path

No butterflies to show me the way...

Only this nightmare where I have been living

Just me and my ghosts in everlasting darkness...

Smirking Reaper

Collecting his lost souls!!

Tonight I am lonesome

No one to hold my hand

No one to kiss me good-night

No one to hug me...

It's time !

Let's the duel begin...

I want to feel again,

So come and spank me!!

I want to drain all this suffering,

So cut me into pieces,

Maybe if I cry enough

All the pain will disappear!...

Come and bring me back to life !

Do what you must

Don't let me fade

I want to see the light again!...

I want to smile

I want to wake up from this terrible nightmare!

Come Reaper, let's fight!

I will bleed and cry

I will suffer and scream!...

All the dark forces are against me!

Shadows everywhere surrounding me ..

"Let me out!" I sob

I'm so tired ...

Evil laughs in the night...

A scent of failure in the air

Down on my knees I'm bleeding to death...

I struggled but I failed!

Being dragged back to hell I am

Shouts and cries

Sorrow and regret

Wherever I turn is someone suffering

whenever I close my eyes someone begs me for help...

Bleeding eyes waiting for mercy...

Grief and sorrow

Souls who lost their way

Imprisoned in their body and mind

Eternally doomed...

Like I am!!....

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