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Lately it seems so difficult for me to express my feelings and thoughts, the words don't come out ... I wrote this poem after I've returned from my holidays talks about expectations and disappointment,broken dreams....

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



Rays of light ripping the clouds apart

I sense a storm coming ...

The day is now grey

Heavy, dark clouds fill the skies above!

Thunders and lightning

Striking me hard...

Harsh words whispered through the winds...

Stabs in my heart, hurting me deeply...

Waves of showers cleansing my body,

Sadness and emptiness!

The day becomes night

The light becomes darkness

The smile becomes faintness...

I crouch scared by the rumbling of the thunders

I hide my face between my hands,

Not to see the lightning!...

Shadows all around me

A dim figure I see in this blurred day

I stretch my hand to reach it,

But it fades away as smoke in the air ...

Voices murmuring behind the windows

The wind blows fiercely

Hiding myself I am

Trying to protect me from the storm...

Result of my own emotions !

In a state of delusion I am

Lost in the land of nowhere

Wandering alone I found myself!

My bones cracks with the cold rain

Stumbling and falling I keep walking

Lost and without direction on this stormy day!

The streets are empty

No living souls to guide me...

Wandering in this land of nowhere

I dream about blue skies and sunny days

The scent of green grass, the vision of flowers

The giggle of a child, the laugh of a lady

The whisper of a lover...

But, in this land of mine there's a storm ...

Ravaging and striking me without mercy

No pity or kindness for the weak one!

My knees are feeble

I let myself fall to the muddy path

With my hands on the ground

I yell to the rain

And in despair I punch the wet dirt

I cry throatily ... All this in vain!

I see a faded shadow walking towards me

Faceless and shapeless

Just a ghost haunting me

In this stormy dark day ...

I give in!

I can no longer walk

I feel drained ...

I'm freezing cold, chilled to the bones

My eyes feel heavy and tired ...

Thunders are stronger now

Drifting in this land of nowhere

Delusional and in grieve

I let myself be carried away by the winds...

No living beings

No birds or flowers

No sunshine or rainbow

Just mud and rain

Dark clouds in the grey skies above...

Thunders and lightning

Emotionally distressed I am

Stormy feelings

Killing me slowly from inside ...

Wandering in this lost place , I am

Trying to find my role on the stage of life

Trying to find my way back home

Trying to figure out who I really am....

Today I roam through the storm....

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