What Am I ? 2nd part

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Was written on May this year.
I was feeling so sad, so hurt... it's amazing how people we love can hurt us so much !!!

I decided to give it the same name of an older poem of mine, because I think they are related

Submitted: August 29, 2011

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Submitted: August 29, 2011



What am I?

A dark soul lost in time

An angel from hell

Bringing pain and sorrow!...

Misunderstood by the world am I!

I try to give love

And it turns into hate...

I try to give honey

But it tastes like poison!....

Darkness itself I am!

Always hurting

Never pleasing ...

I am the cry of the wolf in the cold night!...

Attempting to reach you,

I opened my heart to you

Yet you said I was evil....

Nasty words wounding me deeply,

Bleeding inside....

I am a lonely soul

Searching for its place,

A dark angel ...

Failing her mission!

I speak words of love and care

Still you can only hear harsh whispers in the air....

I am wicked...

I am hateful....

I hurt and damage ....

I don't belong here!

I wish so much that each of you look at me

And really see who I am!...


No matter what I do

No matter Where I go

No matter what I say...

It's never good enough!

Cold heart

Drifting in the darkness of this world..

Feeling so lost, so empty...

Waiting for a sign!

Always trying to reach you...

Always trying to be loved..

Constantly attempting to be seen !

But eternelly disappointing.....

Nothing I can do

Will make you change your mind...

So blind you all are in your own world

That you cannot see the truth....

I do have feelings

I do care and love

I would give my life for each of you ...

I would share my love

I would open my heart....


Damn you all

Always getting away from me

Because I am mean!

Judging me all the time !

Never listening to what i'm saying ...

It seems that I never do it right....

No matter how hard I try!...

I am nothing

I am the stone in your path...

I am the dust that blurs your vision ...

I am the the thunder that strikes you !

Evil soul

Lost in this world full of hate...

I am the wind that destroys everything..

I am the owl scaring you in the night !

I am darkness!

I tried to be perfect

I gave the world my heart

I trusted the world my soul

Yet, you tear it apart

fed on it....

And in the end ... spit on the leftovers !

I am evil

I am nothing

I am pain

I am the destroyer!!!

I tried though I failed once again...

Lost words in the night

Silent screams in my head...

Bleeding inside....

Misunderstood all the time !

Why do I try?

If I say sun you will hear moon,

If I say light you will understand dark

If I say - I am sorry, you will not listen!

You said I hurt you ...

You said I am evil itsellf

You said I scare people with my mean words

That they go away 'cuz I am not good!....

So what am I?

I am devil

I am a creep

I am the dust in the street

The storm that ravish eveything on its way

I am the darkness of the world

I am the frozen heart

I am suffering

I am poison!!!

I am eveything that does not worth it !

Dark angel with evil feelings ...

Cold soul lost forever

I am the fire that burns your hapiness...

I am what I am ...

You see evil where's is goodness

You see poison where's sweetness

You see hate where's love....

I might be the darkness in your day

I might be the nasty stone in your path

And the storm in your paradise...

I am emptiness!!

I'm just a lost soul

Looking for its place in this world ....

Crying for help
Begging for forgiveness

Asking to be seen....

However, the world is blind

And so are you!!!..

Hateful world

Judging me all the time ...

Pointing the finger...

Accusing! Killing!!

Sending me away ...

Never listening

Never understanding

Never forgiving !

Blindness and ignorance

Ruling your hearts!

So busy to see

That I am a soul with pure feelings!....

That I can love and give so much......

If I had the chance ..

But in the end...

I will always be ,

An evil dark angel ...

No matter what I do

No matter what I say

No matter where I go....

Always evil

Always empty

Always darkness!....

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