Will You Remember me? / Darklady

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This new poem just talks about personal feelings, worries, it's not a dark one, i think i just wanted to write my thoughts because i'm too afraid to say them out loud ..

Submitted: July 22, 2011

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Submitted: July 22, 2011



I look through my window...

Outside is a sunny day,

However I feel so sad,

So empty, so lost! ...


I realized that none of my dreams

Will ever come true!!

When I die,

Who's going to remember me ?

Will you remember who I was?

Will you know what I did ?


What a waste of a lovely day!

I should go out for a walk,

Feel the sun on my face...

I should,

But I  rather stay indoors,

Crying, suffering on my own...

Wishing what I cannot have !

Just feeling this anguish within me!


Time is running fast

I cannot keep the pace...

I feel drowning

I feel lonely...


Who's going to remember me,

When you are gone too, my love?

Will you keep my memory , my friend?


No one to tell the story

Nobody in here to tell,

How much I could love and care...


Nothing will remain,

No tales, no memories

Everything will be lost,

In this empty world !


I don't want to go

I don't want to feel the sorrow...

Darkness surrounding  me

Thoughts banging in my head...


I crouch and I cry

Nowhere to escape

No one to remember ...

Just loneliness

Infinite empty space where I lost myself !


What a lovely day to dream

To have hope

To believe in the future

To smile !!...

Yet, it hurts so much !


What's the point of living

If, at the end there is nothing

To keep my memory alive ?...

What's the point of such a pain ??

This emptiness in my heart ?

This darkness in my soul ?...


I close my eyes,

And I fly in the eternal night

Looking for my place in this world !

Whispers everywhere

Cold chills through my bones ...


No light, no path

Just infinite darkness ...

No answers, nobody

No feelings,

Just myself  in my world,

Running away

Deceiving time ,

Turning myself into a dark butterfly...


Such a waste of a sunny day,

Still I can't avoid all those questions

Always haunting me,

Night and day !


I  close my eyes,

Tears roll down my face

Fast like rain in a stormy day !!

So, will you remember me in the end?...



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