& It was raining

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Just a short little story-ish piece of writing...

Submitted: May 14, 2011

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Submitted: May 14, 2011



There was mist everywhere; thin mist. As I tilted my head towards the sky, I saw the mist growing thicker with height. It wasn't easily visible though, since the sky was practically pitch black.

At this point, I was staring up at the darkness that engulfed the area. My thoughts were easily disturbed with each faint drop of water that landed roughly on the lens of my glasses. It was true that right now there wasn't much to look at out here. I left my home only because there was tension; I wasn't a man that enjoyed tension.

Out here, I liked it. It was simple and without complications. It was dark and the only things that still slightly illuminated the streets were the old street lamps that loomed over me. They would flash on and off occasionaly, but not in unison. I didnt mind.

The rain grew heavier now, and I wasn't standing still. I was walking, yet without much of a destination. There was no sound except for the light footsteps that I was taking, along with the occassional sound of a small splash when my footsteps made contact with a puddle. There was also the sound of the considably heavy rain drops pounding against the concrete.

There was still mist in the far distance; There wasn't much more than mist. The rain still pounded. My vision regularly blurred as water drew close to my eyes.

Down the street from where I was at this very moment, was the house of the person that I had fallen in love with. Thinking about her made me tremble. Knowing that she lived so close made me uneasy. I urged my eyes to lose focus on the house, and then I kept walking with my eyes down at my feet.

Without watching where I was going, I seemed to come to many near collisions with a few poles. My hands were becoming cold, so I placed them in the small pockets of my black hoodie. Even with extreme weather conditions, I still liked being out here.

I got tired of looking down, but when I looked up I saw something unexpected. In the distance, she stood there, in the pouring rain. My heart pounded in sync with the drops of rain on the sidewalk. She remained unaware of my presence at this point. I wanted to turn around and head the other way, and I was about to. Yet, just before I brought myself to look away, I saw her fall to her knees. The dim street light was focused on her, and I still stood a few yards behind in darkness.

I heard faint sobs. My heart sank. I couldn't bring my legs to move away from this girl. This girl who I've known for about 8 years, and whom I've always loved. This girl who was my best friend throughout grade school, as well as Junior High. This girl who Iwould walk home with after school everyday, back then.

I wasn't aware of what she was going through, or what she was feeling inside, but it put me in so much pain just to see her like that.

I felt as if I'd lost control of the functions of my body. Subconciously, I started walking towards her. Iwas still trembling. I appoarched, and she didn't realize until I was only a few feet away. Before long, I was standing in front of her, silently extending a hand for her to take. Dripping down her face, were tears mixed with rain drops and sorrow. I looked into her eyes, and I was simply reminded that she was the one...

A slight exchange of looks, and then she took my hand in seemingly good faith. I pulled her up, and she quickly gripped the sleve of the hoodie I was wearing. She buried her face into the hoodie and tried her best to hide her tears. Everything around us was silent.

I embraced her tightly and knew I couldn't let go of her. She took my hand and before I knew it, we were walking down the dim-lit street, like we had done so many times before (yet so long ago). None of us uttered a word after I had wiped away her tears. I looked into her brilliant, vivid blue eyes and I became so nervous again.

We continued to walk, with our fingers laced. & It was raining...

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