The Dynamic Duo

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Explore the lives of a couple who gets turned on by mystery and taking justice into their own hands

Submitted: October 12, 2017

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Submitted: October 12, 2017



The Dynamic Duo

She stood by the window of the second story apartment watching as people flowed in and out of the candy shop across the street. It was a typical Saturday evening. It was summer, so the kids were out and about at camp, summer classes and the candy store. She let her finger caress the side of her face almost as if her hand belonged to someone else. Her eyes followed as the last child walked into the candy store. An outstretched arm greeted the boy. Kindly, it looked like from her angle. But the slam of the front door said otherwise. The “we’re open sign’ flew up with the gust created by the momentum. She flinched in response even though she was nowhere near the sound of the door hitting the frame.

At the sound of the click of her own front door she cracked her neck. “you watching them again?” A male voice asked as the door creaked close. She shook her head as if trying to get something loose. “They always get one during closing. Should we do something about it?” She replied still not looking away from the window to greet the man. “Well… we could…” the man came up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist, his fingers going through the motions they knew so well. Letting his hand wander under her belt he started whispering to her. His breath was so hot and moist she had to lean away to avoid the moisture from accumulating on her ear. “remember last time…no one found out… we still have the stuff… it would be so easy.” He was being intentionally vague letting her imagination fly.

He pressed his palm against her lower belly while his fingers played with the skin by her pelvis. Every time she’d move her face away from his mouth he’d inch his way closer. “All you have to do is say the word.” He bit her ear lobe with enough pressure to draw blood. Her entire world was rocked… in more ways than one.

“Jesus Christ c’mon!” a child's voice reverberated through the room.

The two moved so quick you would’ve thought they were a couple of teenagers caught by their parents. She faced the wall zipping up her pants while the man balled his hand into a fist swinging it behind his back.

“I literally just got back.” The new voice squeaked.

She turned to face the child “How was your day?” she said faking innocence. The child’s eyes followed the drops of blood from her earlobe to the floor. “It was ok… I assume yours was good. At least at the end.”

The man ticked up his eyebrow in a silent ‘you’re not wrong’ indication.

“I bought and put away some groceries.” The child said exiting the room, closing the door behind him.

The man walked into the master bath to wash his hands and take a piss… leaving the door open so she could hear him he said “you need a new shirt now.” She looked down and noticed the new red stains on her favorite white short cut blouse. She put her hand under the fabric and frowned. It was covered in now orange splatters and droplets. She didn’t want to throw it away, it was covered in too many fun memories. When he came out of the bathroom he flicked the water on her. She was not amused. “You think he knows?” She asked taking off the shirt and grabbing another out of their shared dresser. It was one of his shirts so it was a tad bit big on her. He opened the door and leaned against the frame. “Probably, more reason to…” She stopped his speech by pressing her palm to his face. He licked it, but she didn’t budge.

He took the tissue he grabbed from the bathroom pinching her earlobe until the bleeding stopped. “you were ruining a perfectly good shirt.” His voice was muffled as her hand was still covering his face.

“I was making it better.” She responded dropping her hand and squeezing by him to join the child in the living room.

The ID channel was on profiling a serial killer from the early 2000’s. “Why don’t you watch cartoons like regular kids?” The man asked while he ruffled the kid’s hair.

“Did you wash your hands?” the kid responded in reflex ducking at the touch of his dad’s hand.

“No.” the man deadpanned. The child was not amused. He truly was his mother’s son.

“It’s actually quite interesting, about thirteen years ago, where you guys used to live actually, there were a bunch of linked murders, all of the victims were either serial killers or rapists, just y’know all around bad guys. It’s like someone watched Dexter and thought it was a good idea.”

“Pretty sure this happened before Dexter came out…” the man was cut off with a sharp jab to the ribs.

“Probably, I didn’t pay attention to the dates… anyway it’s kinda cool though, like they never found out who it was and they never found these bad guys either, but when the bodies were found they had just tons of evidence wrapped on them. Well that was just the first…” The kid stopped talking when he noticed the commercials had ended and the show was back on.

She jumped over the couch to join her kid in the festivities, waiting until the next commercial break to interject her question. “Ever been to the candy store across the street?” She asked amidst clangs of pots and pans as her husband made a mess making dinner.

“The what?” the kid paused the program. Of course, he had recorded it.

“The candy store.” She reiterated.

“No… weird thing to ask…” the kid said looking at his mom like she had a bug on her face and he was the only one who could flick it off. “Not really.” She said under her breath as she pressed play on the child’s program to divert his attention. She rested her index finger on her lips cracking her knuckles one at a time. It was a tick she had when she was deep in thought. Probably thinking ‘all she had to do was say the word.’ She thought back to right before her son walked in. They had never been so spontaneous. Always planning, every aspect of their life, maybe a little spontaneity was something she needed. “You don’t know what I need.” She said so quiet that not even the person next to her had realized she said something. She abruptly stood up “I’m going to go help your dad with dinner.” She said, speaking audibly this time. The kid just nodded in response.

The man was amid cutting vegetables when she sauntered into the room. He could almost smell her confidence. He smirked knowing what was coming next. “How much do you know?”

Not exactly what he was looking for, and she could tell. His face visibly dropped at the question. She was always the one who kept him in check, no matter how brash he got. She was tired of it though, one day she wanted to be the one who was able to let loose, not worry about the little things.

He sighed laying the knife down and resting his palms on the counter. He rolled his shoulders before turning around to face her. She leaned in close to him. Closer than earlier today. Close enough that there was no room for a third. He whispered something into her ear. This time no blood. Just quiet nodding and clenching of jaws. When they separated. She looked up into his eyes, a sinister grin starting to form across her face.

“You nasty woman.” He said grabbing her butt as she walked away. He was clearly more excited than something like making dinner should allow.

She came back to the living room jumping over the couch again. This time with more hop. When she landed on the cushion there was a slight bounce, possibly intentional. “What’s new on your program?” She asked flinging her arm to the back of the sofa. She was way more relaxed than normal and her son took notice. When he looked at her this time it was of uninterested concern. The type of worry where you really don’t want to know what’s going on but you’re worried all the same.

“Well, they’re just saying how the killer got more sophisticated, so much so that any high profile criminal who went missing the police just attributed it to the killer” the boy paused for a minute. “y’know the police are really bad at their job.”

“Hey! I think we’re pretty damn good at it!” The man said bringing in three bowls filled with food. Caring two in his hands and expertly balancing one on his forearm.

“OK, well aside from you two.” The boy stuffed his face. “You made an excellent dinner Dad!” he tried to save himself. They looked like a normal family watching TV as they ate dinner. It was actually very endearing. No need to know their past or future, just the moment. And in the moment they were the model American family. Two working, middle class parents living in the city-suburbia with a well behaved teenage son. The moment was interrupted when the mother’s jaw muscles protruded from the side of her face. What made it odd was there was no food in her mouth, spoon, or bowl. “Please stop.” She said through gritted teeth. The boy continued on eating like he heard nothing. But the husband noticed. He flinched at her low growl. She began cracking her knuckles one by one, head twitching to the left with every crack. “Hey you’re alright. Yeah?” The husband rubbed her thigh easing the tension in her body. Her head stopped ticking but she just moved to the next hand finishing each knuckle.

The boy took everyone’s bowl so he could clean the kitchen. Usually if his parents made food he’d clean the kitchen and vise versa, today was no different. Once their son left the living room, the man’s face grew irritated. More than usual. Much more than usual. “Don’t worry, we go through it together remember.” He said bringing her face to face him. He let his pointer finger slide down her temple, hoping to calm her. “We can’t wait any longer huh? You did the best you could.” He cradled her rocking them back and forth. Since when was he the rational one. The calm one. The one with all the right words and gestures.

Their son had gotten quick with wiping down the kitchen. He popped his head into the living room before going upstairs to his room. “I’m done, gonna go upstairs and tinker.” He tossed his parents a divided pill box. “I already took mine.”

“Ok, be safe.” She said blowing a kiss to her son. He mimicked a bat hitting the kiss back to her. The man fell back into the couch as if he got hit with the affection.

“Whoops… night!” the kid said swinging his head behind the wall covering the stairs.

The man went into his work satchel to take out some folders he brought some work. He handed them over to her so she could read the contents. The folders were full of pictures, handwritten notes on loose papers and stickies. “I wish you were neater.” She said sorting through her husband’s “evidence”. Not with quotes because it was bad, but because it was messy. “There’s enough there for sure.” He said watching as she scanned the material. She began organizing the papers on the floor, linking people with dates and places, doing what a detective does best. She had been waiting for this for so long. The euphoria traced her veins reaching her fingertips. They started trembling as she connected the last dots. “I know how much you love a mystery.” Her husband said standing above her with his arms crossed. When she finally connected all the pieces the sinister grin re-appeared. No longer was she shaking. She was completely at peace.

He was sweating more than she was. He loved to see her work. It felt like he was watching god create man. He fell to his knees pushing her back to the floor pinning her by the wrists. He leaned in… “We don’t have time.” She said stopping him in his tracks. “We can be quick.” He replied continuing his motion. He was slightly successful until he let go of her arm. She pushed him off her, “I don’t want you to.”

The room was dark. The smell of sugar, chocolate, cookies and death permeated the area. “Knock knock.” A deep voice said before kicking the basement door open. Luckily the latches were weak. The deeper into the cellar the intruders went the louder the screams became. They were muffled, as if the source was tied down or taped up. One of the intruders fisted their pocket for a flashlight. When it came on it illuminated the room just enough to see the source. As one held the flashlight the other undid the captive’s restraints. It was a child. “Please please… d-d-d-don’t h-h-hurt me.” He stuttered out. With the light still on the child, the other intruder flipped open their butterfly knife and handed it to the one at the child’s level. The kid started to scream, but was muffled with a firm palm to the mouth. They were able to keep their hand on the child while cutting the zip-ties on his wrists and ankles.

The stairs started to creek, the light shifted, surrounding the two on the ground in darkness.  As the light spun, it hit several different corners of the room. Briefly exposing decaying bodies, rotting food, and swarms of insects and rats gnawing at the fresh food placed mere meters away from the child. The child wanted to scream. He most likely didn’t see the contents of the room or know what smelled so foul. She pressed against the child’s mouth signaling him not to scream. She picked him up and he held onto her like she was his own mother. He now must’ve known these weren’t the bad guys. She carried him out the storm doors where she knew someone would be waiting for him. “Run across the street, two doors to your left, ring the bell twice, pause, then once.” She instructed the child. In the dim light she could see him nod his head and take off in the direction of instruction.

She hopped back down the stairs taking her mask off. She was in so much in the heat of the moment she couldn’t hear me. But that was quickly disrupted when she saw a slightly older woman zip tied and gagged on the floor. She was clearly fuming. He knew she was waiting for this almost the entire day. How could he do this to her. “Shut the fuck up!” She was clearly mad at me too. Not in a good mood I suppose.

“Don’t worry there’s two.” He said over stifled screaming from the woman on the floor.

“There damn well better be.” She replied heading toward the in-house stairs. She was halfway up the flight when a faint “hun” was heard from across the store. She looked back at him and rolled her eyes at his ‘I told you so’ smirk.

“Down here.” She sung flipping her own butterfly knife open and closed. When the body to the ‘hun’ emerged, she flipped the knife directly to his throat. Bless. His hands immediately went up in response to feeling the blade graze his adams-apple. She felt around for the light to the basement, since the whole party was in fact finally here. “Party, I like it.” She said finding the light. She was sufficiently distracted. Or so the accomplice thought. He reached for the small of his back where a M45 was hidden. Before he could point it at her she pushed his wrist up, letting the gun fire at the ceiling rather than the alternative. She twisted his wrist making him drop the gun. Her reflexes were quick. She caught the fire arm with the same hand she defended herself with. Way before it even hit the stairs. She pointed the weapon back at him. It was all one swift motion, as if she was a ballerina practicing her routine for the comeback performance of her career. “You make me sound so graceful.” She chuckled. “Go head join your friend.” She said keeping the gun pointed in the accomplice’s direction. He slowly walked down the stairs, kneeling next to his friend when he got to her side.

My friends stood side by side, this time leaving enough room for me. They looked like the dynamic duo. I was so proud they were back. “I mean, I wouldn’t say we are back, still debating really,” her husband said. No one had spoke but me, and I’m really the type to only be heard by select a few.

“Who the hell are you talking too??” the man on the ground asked. Obviously, he wasn’t the one of the select few who could hear me. And neither was his little friend. She screamed, letting tears roll down her face. She wasn’t sure of what to expect from my friends.

Her husband finally took off his mask, so the two animals could see who the real king of the jungle was. He knelt down to the woman’s level. “You preyed on children for 30 years…” He took his eyes off hers for a moment to look around the basement in disgust. Some of the corpses were fresh, skin not even maggoty yet, others were just bones. Small frames, never allowed to grow up. His eyes returned to hers “Its time you felt what they did.” His voice was haunting. Like the revenge was personal. “I guess we are back huh?” his wife said same menacing grimace gracing her face. The party was truly about to begin. They both laughed at my party metaphor.

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