Haunting Past.

Poem by: DarkLoverz


Submitted: October 13, 2012

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Submitted: October 13, 2012



Haunting past.

Lurking in the dark.

They come fast.

Me they mark.

Over taking my mind.

In fear I live.

What they may find.

It swells inside my chest.

Ready to bust.

I swear I tried my best.

But every time,

They are found.

The lies become unbound.

Haunting Past.

It rip me apart.

Friends never last.

It shatters my heart.

I smile forever.

I play a dangerous game.

Feel joy for never.

Things I will never name .

They wont hurt anyone.

Just me.

I want to be free.

But for others I let them Be.

Haunting Past.

Souring eyes.

words that cut.

Endless lies.

For help screaming

Never heard.

Liars beaming.

As I became one.

I Stitched mouth shut.

To them I was no-one.

Another punching bag.

Another quiet kid.

Another thing to brag.

Pushed down deep.

I hid the feelings.

For if not I may leap.

Into eternal sleep.

Haunting Past.

Will not touch me.

I am just that fast.

Only when I'm home.

It may not last.

But I will protect them.

From feeling pity.

It worse than it seems.

I hate the look.

It burns me inside.

It feels like their love I took,

And used.

Abused it.

I will let it rot.

My haunting past.

* Due to bullying I got this sort of double personality, at school I'm quiet and try to hide in the back ground and not look in peoples eyes. I was bullied for 8 years at my old school, In pre-k I wasn't able to make friends so I had no friends (at all) at school to help me. I never told my family, but I told teachers often. They said I was lying because it wasn't one or two bullies it was almost my whole class. So I was consider a Liar! I was really smart but I refused to do work (they wont help me so why would I?) My last week I ended up getting suspending because they decided to get me in trouble one last time. _Outside of school I had count-less friends and was the loudest kid you ever seen, always had a smile on my face. I moved and made some friends who Have helped me come out more at school, but I still have trouble looking in peoples eyes and have MAJOR trust issues.**

Thanks for listening my little story called "my life".

© Copyright 2017 DarkLoverz. All rights reserved.

Haunting Past.

Status: Finished

Genre: Poetry


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