Violet's Story

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This short story tells a small tale about our friend Violet and how her life changes drastically in a short amount of time.


Submitted: July 08, 2012

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Submitted: July 08, 2012



Violet Currier was living a normal life, with a best friend and one mortal enemy like all of us do; well, until December 17th.

I, Violet Currier watched everyone obsessed over prom. Prom. “The social event of the season” or the event, which meant, “If your not asked for it, don’t bother coming.” Well guess what, I wasn’t asked. Yet I didn’t want to be asked.  Did it really matter that much? The prom was on December 17th, so your dresses should “match” the wintery theme. They also crowned Frost Queen and King. Oh lord. How amazing does all this sound? Not exciting whatsoever in my opinion.


It was currently December 14th, and Alice Howard and I were shopping for dresses. Every other girl in our town had gotten their dress over a month ago. So the shops had stocked up once again for those latecomers such as us. I watched Alice use her hand, brushing each dress. Examining every little detail. I wouldn’t describe Alice as a perfectionist. Just she wants everything to be right, when it comes to clothes.  She tossed me a gold dress.

“It’s junior prom. Not the Grammy’s.” I made the snide remark, tossing it back to her. Disappointment spread across her face but she and I both knew we needed to look good…Alice had wanted to be nominated for Frost Queen. She knew half of it was based on your dress, the other half, popularity.


“Fine, try this on.” She said, tossing me a pretty dress, wait…not pretty. Stunning. Black, red, purple and blue colors blended into each other on the silky fabric. Topped with the thinnest, whitest lace I had ever seen. “Oh…my…god.” I stared. It was amazing, and usually dresses were described in my head as YUCK. “This is really a dress for you.” I said, handing it back, as much as I wanted her to say it wasn’t and insist I wore it, she couldn’t read minds so I didn’t know what she would say next.

 “Keep it. I’m going to wear this one. I think its better, for me.” She held up the dress, I nodded. She smiled, grabbing my dress she made her way to the front of the store to pay. Sometimes Alice didn’t even say things, we both knew what she would say, and so she didn’t bother wasting her breath. I tossed her my wallet, as I went to gather our stuff.


The day of the dance girls were gossiping. I signed Alice up for Frost Queen, as well as I signed myself up. We both had been campaigning. I knew if I won, I’d give my crown to Alice. I turned around to see Alice behind me, “Your signing up?” she asked, by now, the bell rang for class, and I had no time to explain. “I’m sorry, but you know you’ll get it, why can’t I put my name on the ballot?” I asked her but I knew why, it was plain rude. But if I won, she wouldn’t be mad at me when I gave her the crown. “Fine, but I’m gonna beat you.” Right before we left we ran into Sylvia. Someone people like us try to avoid at all costs unless we’d like high humiliation for the rest of our high school years. I heard something rude about signing up for Frost Queen, but I blocked her out, so did Alice. We had dealt with her since 6th grade. Back when she was a nerd, big glasses, only wore t-shirts and jeans to school, no makeup, no accessories, played softball. But that girl was gone now. And we were enemies.


Alice and I had headed home a little early, meaning we didn’t show up for gym and took the bus to a store for a while to buy new makeup, then went home.


It took me 15 minutes to get the dress on, fixing the bow in the back we had made with a black sash. It really did tie the dress together as Alice had put it. “Ready?” 30 minutes later we got into my car and had driven there. Pretending we fit in there, we walked in like we owned the place. We stuck out, we stuck out so much. Everyone was in blue or white or black plain dresses. Whatever, didn’t matter. Well, to us it didn’t.


We went around acting like we were having the time of our life, dancing with random strangers until they called Frost Queen. We all gathered on stage.  And the student body president announced the winner. “And the winner for frost Queen is…Alice-wait. VIOLET CURRIER!” She screamed in excitement. I looked over at Alice. I motioned her to go and take the crown but she ran. She ran off and I knew I should follow. “I don’t…” I said, then followed quickly after her, kicking off my heels once I hit the hallway.


I saw her heels as well in the bathroom. I entered and she came out, holding a knife in one hand, and her purse in the other. She stood in ripped jeans and a tank top; she had cut her dress to shreds. “Alice I didn’t mean to –“ Then she did it. She tried to stab me.  I moved out of the way quickly enough that the knife smashed into the mirror. “God damn it Violet…” She said, throwing the knife towards me. “Don’t.” I caught it with a razor sharp reflex and walked over to her, handing her the knife. Staring into her eyes. She grabbed my hand and put it on the handle of the knife and stabbed herself. I felt my heart stop momentarily as she had stopped hers forever. “Alice….Alice…” I repeated her name, hoping she hadn’t just done that. I dropped the knife and ran. Ran away from prom. Ran away from anyone who would tell me I did everything. I just ran.



A month later everyone thought she had killed herself and I had rubbed my winning in her face. But I knew it wasn’t true, and she knew it as well. I found myself traveling everyday the graveyard to talk to her, but every time I left, I felt myself more like her. My attire had changed drastically from jeans to dresses. But every day I never realized until I looked in the mirror, I looked identical to her. Today was especially scary, it was her birthday.  I walked up that evening and stared at the gravestone long enough until it started glowing.  I leaned in closer and suddenly fell to my knees. “What the-“ I started to say, and then I saw Alice walking toward me, glowing in green bright light. I closed my eyes to see if she was still there when I opened them, big mistake. She was right in front of me. Tearing my soul out of my own body and discarding it. She wanted to live my life. Alice always got what she wanted.


I now stood as the ghost. She stood as the human being. I stared until she ran off as fast as she could.  I started to scream after her but no one could hear me. She was me. I was silent again.  I slowly walked toward my own house, that’s where Alice would be.


But something overtook me. Dragged me back to the grave stone where Alice, me, should be. So  I watched everyday as Alice came to talk to me like I did to her. She looked like herself, she even highlighted her hair back to what it used to be. She got rid of any evidence that it had been my body. Spray tan. Wow, this girl was insane.


A cold breeze of air blew past me, making me close my eyes. When I opened them, I was human. I was someone else. And someone else had just passed in my place.

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