Beautiful Surprises

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Who knew one person could change everything? Isn't that a beautiful surprise? This comes with multiple short stories.

Submitted: June 22, 2011

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Submitted: June 22, 2011



"Wait what?" I yelled. I couldn't believe what I was fucking hearing, the person I've been dating for seven months with no problems is breaking up with me just because they found someone 'better'?

"Ya sorry I'm breaking up with you, you're just not... Good enough." Vince, my now ex-boyfriend smirked at me as he started walking away. Going tosee hisnew girlfrind I guess. Although I wasn't hurt by the fact he left me for some other chick (as weird as that sounds) I was mostly hut by his words. 'You're not good enough' same exact words that I got from my other ex's. Now that I think about it out of all my relationships this is... the seventh one that's said those words to me, and I've only dated seven people... Great. I sigh and just start walking home like I always did after a break up since it's the only place I could go. It's not evena home most of the time; to me it's a fucking hell house.

"Oh well it's was bound to happen at some point, not like that was going to last... I have got to stop talking to myself." I shake my head trying to get the thoughts out of my mind but they just stick. "Fuck it never mind, hopefully it won't be as bad at home I need a break from all this." Once I walked into the house I was happy, no one was home to bother me. I smiled and walked to my room where I was alone, suprisingly I was happier by myself. I looked around and foundbright yellow colored walls (NOT MY IDEA IT WAS MY MOM'S) not my favorite color but it was better than white, picture's of me and my family, my guitar and piano, my bed, ect. Hey look my phone, why is the screen glowing? Oh wait I got a text. I walk over to my desk, pick up my phone and look at the screen. "Shi Martin." I smiled, been actually awhile sinceI've talked toher, I opened my phone andreadher message, just a simple hello. I replyedbackmy usual'Ello Jello'and wentback to doing nothing. Then my phone rang, I looked at the caller and it was Shi, I chuckled a bit and answered.

"Hello who is dis?"I love my filipino accent.Shi giggled over the line which kinda shocked me at first neverreally heard her giggle.

"Hi Alex, you already know who it is and lose the accent." I chuckled again and spoke.

"Okay fine there happy accent gone. So sap?"

"Yes very and nothing much just bored, there's no one else to talk to so thought I'd talk to you."

"Well Alexandra Ramos is always here if someone is bored. Although I'm glad you called I was bored as shit here."

"What about Vince?"

"Jackass rather not go there."


"Oh yes."

"Why do all the people you date do that? I mean ifI was dating you I wouldn't do such a thing." I actually was suprised by her answer, truth is I liked Shi (Yes I'm bi shut up) ever since I met her but I never had the guts to tell her.

"Well thanks I appreciate knowing that but we'd never be an item you're straight as a pole and I'm bi." Yes she knows I am too, look life is complicated.

"...Yeah sure..." I didn't understand that but oh well.

"So what are you doing this weekend? I got nothing to do so I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out or something." I asked as if a casual thing but reallyI just wanted to be with her. I don't care if we aren't dating as long as I have her in my life I'm good.

"I'd love to." I chuckle again, I thought it was cute when she responded quickly when I'd ask her to hang out.

"Alright then we got plans for the weekend don't bail on me." She laughed while replying with a no. I don't know why but I loved it when I talked to her, she was easy to talk to and it was just comfortable; it relaxed me. Shi Martin made me happy, and I mean really happy; no one has ever made me this happy in my entire life, not even my family can make me this happy. Truthfully I never really noticed till a few weeks ago that I really liked her, I wonder if it was love at first sight.


"Alex it's been a few days that you've just seen the girl why don't you just go talk to her?" I shook my head at my friend since kindergarten; Tanya Yamanaka.

"Tanya look you just don't get it, I don't know why but I just can't go up to her. I just don't have the guts to talk to her ok? Give me time lady!" We laugh for a bit and continue walking to class, as we seperate to go class I see her. "Wow she's cute." I whisper to myself, thank god no one was around me at the time, wait; she walked into the same class as mine. Yes, we got a class together! Maybe I can finally talk to her, I walk in and find her sitting near the teachers desk. Great I don't go near the teachers desk, I looked around and found an empty table behind her. I smile and take the seat behind her, the table is made for four students so two on each side. We sat on the inside isles so I was right behind her. Although I was planning on moving around the room just to find a good place or just to see where my other friends would sit.

-Weeks later-

"Alex when are you gonna actually talk to her? I mean serisously it's been weeks talk to her already!" Okay Tanya needs to shut it, I've been hearing this for a few minutes and I'm already annoyed.

"Look Tanya I will just not now okay? I'll make a move soon." I told her calmly, then she smirked. Oh no never a good sign.

"Okay then fine, I want you to actually go up to her today in your art class and actually say hi at least." I looked at her like she was crazy, I had that class right after break.

"Oh hell no, are you crazy! I can't do that today!" Now that I think of it maybe I should have just gone along with it casue then I smacked across my face. "Ow! What the hell was that for?" I yelled.

"Calm down Alexandra! Gosh! Look as much as you don't believe it you're a natural flirt; I am not joking. You just flirtwithout even knowing that you are Alex. Why is it so hard to just talk to the girl? Shi is a year younger, new to the school, kinda shy, to you good looking, and she's actually a nice kid. Talk to her!" I sigh and just rub my now burning cheek.

"Fine but this hand mark better be gone by then." She smiles and just laughs at me.

"Don't worry it will." All I did was the normal thing I usually did when we had moments like this. GLARE!


"Nick I can't do it." Nick Howard; my other friend since kindergarten shook his head.

"You told Tanya you would Alex."

"Yeah but she doesn't have to know." I smiled hopefully but he just gave me his 'look'. I sigh, "You're gonna tell her if I don't I'm guessing." Nick just nods and looks back, I got confused and looked back as well. Shi was looking in our direction but, why. I guess she caught me looking or something casue she looked back to what she was doing.

"Hey Alex you should try and give her this." He passed me by caligraphy pen and I looked at him confused.

"She's not even doing caligraphy Nick." Nick just starred at me for a minute then I caught on to what he ment.

"Oh, got it okay I'll try but I'll wait for the teacher to help someone out first."

"Well she's going to help Rachel so might as well go now." Nick kicked my chair and I pretty much fell off; thank god no one was looking. I get up and glare and him and he points towards Shi's table. I grabbed my caligraphy pen and just walked over; yay she's sitting alone maybe I won't look like a fool.

"Hey." I say to her and smile, she looks up and gives me a small smile.

"Hi." I set the pen on the table infront of her, she looks at me confused.

"I think you needed this." She looks at me weirdly.

"Um, no I didn't, I'm not even doing caligraphy." I chuckle.

"I know I just needed a reason to come over here and talk to you." I smile at her again and she smiles back.

"Well do you want to just stand thereor do you want to sit down?" I chuckle again and sit infront of her while Nick just drops my stuff next to me and goes back to his table. "You're friend?" I just nod. "So what's you're name exactly?I mean I know it's Alex but."

"Alexandra Ramos but people call me Alex for short." I explain this to a lot of people but I don't really mind saying it to her.I look down for a moment and just breath out four words: Gosh she's pretty. I pray she doesn't hear me say that.

"Well do you know who I am?" Yay she didn't hear me.

"Well I know you're name is Shi Martin and that you're in the same Art class as me."

"Well do you want to get to know me?" I smile.

"I'd love to."

~End of Flashback~

Yeah actually that was one of the best days of my life, the day I met her was mostly when I felt truly happy. Everytime I saw her I was happy so i always looked forward to going to school, I got to see her everyday. I always loved when I had art with her it was actually the only class I enjoyed and it was because she was in it, after a while of sitting next to eachother in class we got to know eachother better. Soon enough we turned from friends, good friends then into best friends, life couldn't get any better really. Although that's only the first chapter of our story, there's more to it. Although things are just... weird but as the saying goes: Normal is boring, weird is just awesome.

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