Slender girls getting the shaft, it's all about being curvy?

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Can't we all be beautiful? No, we are all beautiful. =)

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013



Facebook, that place everyone goes to express themselves, chat with friends, watch other peoples arguments and be thoroughly entertained (maybe that's just me) but you get to share experiences, write a paragraph about how your friend ate a ham sandwich on a sunny afternoon..
A place that is quickly getting on my nerves, I have recently been debating whether I should delete my account but then I start to think about all the family I have around the world I wouldn't be able to talk too.. =/ So it stays.. I'm quickly drifting from my point here though, one of the reasons this site is annoying me is because I've been seeing a lot of post's lately encouraging chubby or “curvy” girls and telling hem how beautiful they are. Which is great don't get me wrong!! Please be happy with yourself and healthy, but don't belittle skinny or what I would like to call “Slender” girls.. They can't help that they are more slender than some that's great you like to have something to hold onto with your girl, that doesn't make us undesireable or ugly. The reason I feel the need to say something is because I recently saw a friend post online a photo that read;

"Curvy girls are beautiful, bones are for dogs meat is for men”

Well thanks to who ever the dick was that wrote that! I am slender but I'm fucking beautiful too!
I personally find this extremely offensive, there is always the chance I'm over thinking it but I don't think that I am. If I have enough passion to write something to get the word out then I most certainly am not over thinking this.
You know how there are girls who can't lose weight? Well it just so happens that I can't gain any weight and I'm at a very unhealthy size.. I'm struggling just like any big girl is I have a diet I'm on, I have to start taking supplements, mild exercise to make sure that my fat doesn't stay fat but turns to muscle.. It's not easy it's not fun and I'm only in my first week.. I have to eat 6 times a day not 3 I have to eat more than usual not less.. It sounds nice but it's really not.. It's sad that my crazy life has deteriorated my body. I'm on the right track though and I'll be super healthy again soon.. I've gotten off topic.






If someone posted something negative about bigger girls people would be on that like white on rice. Why doesn't anyone stick up for these other girls? Because I feel now that society is entering a place of discrimination against slender ladies..
It's totally shitty, come on people fucking really?


I understand that men have a preference but don't put people down in the process, girls care A LOT, their emotions run deeper and we think on things in a lot more detail guys.. Sorry boys but it's true I have a friend we'll call Leo that tells me that I think WAY too much.. and I do.
But when it comes to this, about my body about how I believe men to percieve me? I get that I'm trying to gain weight right now but my reasons are for the sake of my health not because some dick thinks I should be. So all I have to say is FUCK YOU society.. Fuck you.


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