Why the Evergreen tree doesnt lose its leaves

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This was for english class. The assignment was to write a story of explanation of something in nature for children

Submitted: September 23, 2009

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Submitted: September 23, 2009



Why the Evergreen Tree Dose not Lose its Leaves

When the great creator made our planet it was a barren place. It was just a big floating rock. He looked at his planet and added water to some sections of the Earth. He then placed green grass, mountains, rivers, lakes, and trees on the other areas of land. The earth was a beautiful quiet place for the most part. Everything was quiet accept the trees.

Now back then trees could talk, and they really did talk in fact they never stopped.

They would complain about everything and never gave a thank you. The maples complained there was not enough sun because the oaks were hogging it all. While the oaks complained that the maples complained too much. All the trees complained accept the maples.

Now eventually the creator became annoyed with the trees and told them all to follow the example of the peaceful Evergreen who never complained. The trees followed the example for awhile until winter. One winter it was very cold. The trees all complained that they were freezing. They wouldn’t stop complaining. Now the Creator became furious at this and finally yelled “Why do all you trees always complain. You should be like the Evergreen trees who never complain.” The Creator still in rage said “For this you will be punished. You will all lose your leaves in the winter so you are even colder and you will not be able to ever speak again! Accept the Evergreens. They will keep their leaves but so they don’t have a chance to complain they will also not be allowed to speak.” The Evergreens always thank full accepted their punishment and were happy that they could stay warm in the winter unlike the other trees.

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