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I would like to share this with you guys:) its more of a blog post than a story

Submitted: July 14, 2012

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Submitted: July 14, 2012



ok so im fat right. im about 5 or 6 at this stage. watching a jackie chan movie (Damn yeah) . Lol i loved it so much i decided i want to do karate. I start at my grade 0 school we learn to count in japanees. . . i hit primary school and my new sensei ( God bless that arrogant man) is not @ all happy with what i learned thus far. I can't remember much  from those times. All i know is that i hated karate!!!! i would get out of bed wishing my legs away every morning...


its grade 6 or 7... i have my brown belt i still hate karate my parents forced me to continue... Ok but guys in grade 5 i was like a walking bulldozer lol. the kids teased me about that alot. but somehow i gained 20 kilos but lost all my fat and built atleast some muscle in one vacation ( In SA we get 4 vacations ) Some people couldnt find me in photos because they assumed i had always been skinny:P ( thats when i realised if i didn't continue karate i would still have been fat lmao ).From then sensei  has been my mentor. One day i talked to him and said i would like to begin senpai training (junior sensei training ( or atleast thats what i thaugt it was) )

I get my blackbelt. . . By this time all the little kids know me , they know my rules:p and that ill play around a little bit but they still get punished @.@ . Me and my sensei have grown we are the same height and i am no longer afraid of him as my trainer but more afraid as an opponent ( that man punches you in the face 7 times after eachother and you still cant block it )

Im teaching hiannidan ( excuse my spelling other instructors:P ) to this little boy who always makes a mess of every class. The next day his mom comes to me ( brown belt ) and says (translated) "Thank you for teaching Ewald hiannidan I have been struggeling with him for quite a while. When i asked him who taught it to him he answered the sensei with the curly hair"

This is the day i fell inlove with karate and have been doing it full on, non stop:P this year im happy to say im going to denver for the world cup. We didn't have enough money so my sensei got a sponsor of 20 000 rand. still wasnt enough so my dad put in extra time @ work. Bless them all for giveing me this chance.

We do 2 hours training every friday and this friday went very bad... i forgot my kata completely not to mention it was a brown belt kata. My sensei told us a story to get me to calm down and focus... (he's very good like that) and everyone who was training with us at that time tried to help.


I am forever in debt of my dojo.  For those of you who do not do karate really i encourage you go try it. Karate is an art not just a fighting style.

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