The Other Door

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Two friends find forgotten doors that are in actuality a gateway to hell. This is the story of what happens when on of those friends goes through a door.

Submitted: September 23, 2013

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Submitted: September 23, 2013



Two doors there are, one to go in and one to come out.

They have to open together and that`s what this tale is all about.

Two friends find the forgotten doors,

If only they knew what was in store.

They say that curiosity is what kills the cat.

If only the two had remembered that.

You and I stood there staring at the signs,

Realizing too late we should`ve never crossed the line.

One went in and one stayed behind.

The one who went in is no longer your kind.

Because what goes in isn`t what comes out,

What comes out always causes a scream or a shout.

It may seem instantaneous to you standing over here,

But the passage of time is much different over there.

Forever is what happens on the other side.

Time has no meaning on this slippery slide.

Eternity lies in the in between place.

You can see it in the lines etched in my face.

It appears that as you go in you are also coming out, but that`s a lie.

You spend forever becoming, but first you must die.

A pain racked body and endless screaming,

Your only hope is that you are dreaming.

The death of your emotions and your humanity as well,

Assures your becoming a creature of Hell.

You become a sick and twisted thing.

Clothed in darkness, your pain starts to sing.

Desire is still there, but it yearns for something new.

It cries out for flesh, blood and tears, all of which will come from you.

For you are the one who dared me to go in,

And because of that it is you who will feed my sin.

And now I`ve come to the end of the tale.

Don`t believe what I`ve told you, oh well.

Your friend went in that door, so now I get to come out over here,

I have to say, I`m very happy to see you again my dear.

I`ve been trapped on the other side for such a long time,

Now, now, dearie. Please don`t whine.

Now I can tear into your flesh, feast on your screams and so much more.

Trust me, before this night is over you`ll wish your friend never went through the other door. 

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