Devil in red

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Girls and their life boys and theirs
my book shows the diffrences with a story of gangs bullying and girl groups...

Submitted: December 06, 2013

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Submitted: December 06, 2013



Cloaked in red and lurking in black a small figure tiptoed down tthe road holding a brown paper package tied carefully with string and labled in scruffy black pen. at that point in time the gender was impossible to determine but as they knocked on the door and a scarlett hood fell to her shoulders shining ebony locks fell over her shoulders. a tall man stood at the door and took in the package with great care as he seemed to mouth "come in for a bit, its safer" and she slowly stepped up into his house; scanning the area like a meerkat. as soon as the heard the door slam shut and a lock click she knew she was in for trouble but after that her suffering was unimaginable, seven youn men from ages 16 to 19 hovered in the living woman stood there who seemed tired and weary lapdancing for them. she seemed to be trapped and looked at the ebony haired girls with puppy eyes obviously trying to say "ESCAPE! quick else youll be here forever"



cliffhanger lol

To be continued!

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