Post Apocolyptic chapter 2, Others?

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I am having mirages and reoccurring dreams, what is happening!

Submitted: May 01, 2014

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Submitted: May 01, 2014



Chapter 2 Others?

The night was icy cold and a ghostly presence hung in the air, an old man walked about the village shouting and singing "Medicines, remedies anything you want, two coins!" (we call money coins nowadays) He did this everday and people actually trusted his remedies, personally I thought it was just a scam but since he was old and needed coins I didn't think to confront him. I lay shivvering on my cold bed covered by only a hand knitted blanket and wondered to myself, are there any other humans alive, any other tribes? Or are we the only ones? I lay cold and scared only to wonder what my thoughts might cause and whether or not I was to sleep that night.


a small cold rain drop fell onto my face and our corrigated iron roof shook with the pattering of rain and hale, I pushed myself up and looked around before throwing off my soaked blanket and walking to the other side of the room where my mother generally slept. However I was shocked to realise I couldn't see her. I screamed in shock and also agony as I felt a sharp pain in my side shooting up to my neck, I fell to the floor distraught and bleeding, a strong looking man I'd never seen before stood over my limp body, I was crying in agony and sadness while the puddle of deep red blood grew benath me. the man cackled and walked off leaving me to die. I screamed and cried for help as my limp body scrawled across the wet, muddy floor - nobody answered.


Blurring back into vision I sat up with a jolt. I was at home, my side didn't hurt at all and as I walked over to my mothers bed she was there, fast asleep. I knew it was a dream. While clothing myself i wondered if that dream meant anything? and as I walked out to find our food I carried on wondering until I reached the sea, I think pulled up my tunic and waded into the murky depths to find seaweed. later walking outt with my tunic dripping wet I clenched a bunch of seaweed into my hand and put it into my basket, however I felt a sharp styabbing pain in my side, it was the same man. I fell down to the floor screaming; my blood trailing into the sea. I opened my eyes! I was on the beach, not hurt, not stabbed just with my basket in one hand the seaweed in another. I wondered and wondered what was happening to me, I ran home tears running down my face to find the old man that said he knew of medicines.


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