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It isn't easy to be ordinary, in a world filled with superheros and villains.

Submitted: March 15, 2011

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Submitted: March 15, 2011



Jordan bent down and tied his sneakers while the radio blasted in the living room, courtesy of his currently baking mother.The news anchor spoke in that too-clean radio voice, “The latest maniacal plot of evil genius Doctor Raxmundus has been foiled by a yet another brand new group of superheroes who call themselves,” small pause, “the New New Revengers.Raxmundus’s plan was to ...”Jordan closed the front door on the rest of the story.

The sun shone down on the black-haired boy as he walked down the street.Another picturesque day in Mono City, he thought with some sarcasm.More than a few of the cities overabundant supply of superheroes had the power to control the weather.Sadly, super villains could also.So you’d have sunshine one moment, storm and thunder the next, and the one after that it could very well rain bovine animals.

The man reading the weather forecast usually sounded like a nervous wreck.

Jordan’s neighborhood included plenty of perfect smiling faces.The kind that live in white perfect houses, with gleaming perfect cars, and usually come with dark dark secrets.As always he wondered which ones of the waving pleasant faced strangers lived double lives as superheroes – or villains.

He walked past an old woman watering her garden, offering him a disturbing toothless smile.Plants and flowers in her garden grew to suspicious sizes.Superpower?She probably had no idea his own smile was at the internal image of her in a superhero costume.At the next house a bald man in a clean and well-pressed suit glared at him while loading a briefcase into a car.Corporate super villain?

Yet another house had ...Jordan paused.Way up ahead a small amount of people had gathered.Around a house releasing abnormal amounts of black smoke into the air.He started running, the backpack jumping around and hurting him.“My cat’s still in there!Miss Pie!?” a girl screamed from somewhere behind the row of backs.

Jordan pushed his way through.In front of a house like all the others in the neighborhood a frantic girl pointed to a window and kept screaming about her cat.A few other windows leaked considerable amounts of smoke.He turned his eyes to the gathering of people.“Why is no one doing anything?Has someone called 911?”

A middle aged woman waved her hand.“Pfft, why bother,” her voice had an annoying cutting quality, “some hero will take care of it.Just you wait.The pool has the odds at the four or five minute mark.”She took a drag of a cigarette.Jordan just stared.Sometimes he really hated people.

The girl replaced her screaming with quiet sobbing, tears leaking down her cheeks.“Why won’t anyone get my kitty cat?Miss Pie ...”The girl looked around his age, maybe a bit younger, cute.

He managed to refrain from asking why she didn’t get her himself.Instead he did something he hardly believed even after he had done it.Jordan patted the girl on the back and said, “I’ll get it.”Who said we need superheroes for everything? he thought.

She stopped sobbing long enough to look hopeful, “Really?She’s in my room I think!Up the stairs, third door on the left!Be careful!”He nodded took off his shirt, put it in front of his mouth and used one of the sleeves to turn the metal knob.A few “You’re crazy,” and “Be careful,” echoed from the people behind him.Fortunately the knob wasn’t hot and the flame hadn’t reached the ground floor.

The smoke attacked both his eyes and nose, even if his shirt did some filtering for the latter.He ran up the stairs pausing at the bright hot flames gathered to the right, almost reaching the top of the stairs.Jordan knew it’d be hot – but not this hot.Still, he continued to the left, keeping his head low.

Even without directions the frantic meowing and scratching let him to the right door.He turned the handle ... just as a crashing noise sounded from within the room.Jordan opened the door, just in time to see someone in a brightly colored costume jump out a window holding something white and furry.

“You can’t be ...” Jordan muttered under his breath, and started turning back.Of course, he thought.The fire was eating away at the top of the stairs.He stared over the railing.Nothing for it ...He climbed over and let himself go at the last possible moment.The fall wasn’t that high, but he still managed to twist something as he landed.

Jordan limped outside the house in time to see a figure in a bright green and red costume give Miss Pie to the girl, and get rewarded with a kiss.No one even noticed him as he limped further.He got past the crowd without a glance in his direction.Jordan paused to put his shirt back on, and saw as another hero flew in and iced the entire house.

Sighing, he continued towards school.It was like if you didn’t have a superpower you became a worthless face in the crowd.A mere backdrop for an epic showdown between heroes and villains.When he finally arrived at the site of the school, a surprise waited for him.

Immediately it became clear that school would not be happening today.A giant meteor lay smoldering where the school building ought to be.Kids with happy faces skipped past him.Jordan went all the way to the entrance to read the black-and-white sign.“School is cancelled today.Will open up tomorrow.”

He frowned, turning back.Building crews with superpowers.Necessary when half the city gets destroyed annually.Jordan would have preferred it if school had been on and managed to distract his angry-at-the-world line of thinking.Instead he went back home – taking care to make a detour around the building with the girl and the cat – deposited his heavy schoolbag and wandered into town.

On the way he witnessed a hero being thrown out of an ordinary looking house onto a busy street.The man dressed in black and white with a tall cape immediately turned his eyes upwards, firing a hookshot onto a light pole just in time to ... nope.Jordan winced as the car slammed into the hero.

Unlike in the comics superheroes died at an alarming rate in Mono City.Made Jordan wonder why anyone wanted to become one.He passed one in a simple blue costume with some kind of a thunder logo coming out of a hotel surrounded by people wielding cameras and adoring girls shouting they loved whoever it was.Jordan rolled his eyes.That was why.Attention.

They weren’t in it to be noble.Most of the best known so-called heroes cared more about advertisement deals than stopping bad guys.Jordan nearly missed it in his rage-fuelled thoughts, but stopped when he saw the wallet lying on the ground.Usually he would have ignored it and walked on by.But today ...he picked it up.

He checked the auburn leather wallet and found a surprising amount of cash.Jordan briefly thumbed through it.His impulse to be bad quickly faded, and he wondered how he should go about returning it.Something landed behind him.Jordan turned his head and – all the saw was a brief flash of a fist, then the left side of his face became pain.Another punch in his stomach and someone ripped the wallet from him.

“Let that be a lesson to you, thief!” a voice boomed.Jordan fell down to his knees, clutching his stomach.He glanced up just in time to see a large-chinned and muscular man in a clinging red costume jump easily up a two-story building and land on the roof.After spitting out blood he felt his cheek and winced at his touch.That was gonna leave a mark.

Looking around he saw that no one had paid the scene much heed ... aside from one girl that kept her eyes on him with a smirk.She patted the seat next to her on the bench.Jordan didn’t feel much up to walking so he obeyed her call and sat beside her.“Funny watching me get pummeled, huh?”

“A little bit.”The girl had bright green hair cut short.“The funniest part is yet to come though.Watch.”She pointed to the spot where Jordan had found the wallet.He knitted his eyebrows.Nothing happened for a while.Then a familiar wallet quietly fell to the street.

Jordan glanced up seeing the outline of a red-costumed man on a rooftop.He narrowed his eyes.“Seriously?”

“Yup.He’s done this four times already.Just wait until someone picks it up and starts looking through the money and then ...bam!”She chuckled.“Makes for great theater.”The girl smiled at him and extended her hand.“I’m Michaela by the way.”

He shook it.“Jordan.”

“I don’t really buy into the whole costume thing.Or the division of heroes and villains for that matter.”Michaela reached into a bag in her lap and popped a couple of salted peanuts in her mouth.She offered him, but he waved them away.

“Yeah me neither.This is all so ... ridiculous.”

“Agreed.I do have a rather ... unique power though.”Jordan turned his head to her, giving her a disbelieving stare.“I can give anyone ordinary an ability all their own.”She winked at him.“And I already have my own team.”Michaela reached into her pocket, pulled up a cell phone and pressed a button.

Something happened very quickly above them, and then a knocked out superhero in red crashed down onto the street in front of them.Jordan looked up and saw a bunch of plain-clothed teenagers around his age nodding at him from the rooftop.Michaela leaned towards him.“Aren’t you tired of being a member of the powerless?Of getting beat up by idiots in costume?”

Jordan stood up, glaring at her.“I thought I’d finally found someone normal, but I guess not.I’ll tell you what I’m tired of.This entire world.I wish there WERE no fucking superpowers.”He stormed off – made decidedly less dramatic by his limp – cursing life.Why wasn’t everyone just normal like him?

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