A Vampire Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Ironic short(ok, really short) story about vampires.

Submitted: October 23, 2013

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Submitted: October 23, 2013



There was a boy in her class. Pale white skin. Quiet. Dressed in black. Always.

He reminded her of the boys from teenage vampire books, the ones she loved to read. Could she be living the dream?

She was quiet too. Long, black hair. She felt ugly. Not interesting. Like most teenage girls she knew. She didn’t know any girls. She read books.

She wasn’t sad about this as one would be. Her plans were others. She wanted it to go like this. Everything was going according to the plan. Her plan.

She glanced at him. Everyday she glanced at him. He never noticed her. No one ever noticed her.


One day, he noticed her. He was uncomfortable. She made him uncomfortable.

The next day, he noticed her. Glancing at him.
And again, the next day.
And again.

She was happy. It was working.

He got up. He walked to her. He told her to stay away.
Now was the time.

The next day, she got up. She walked to him. She said no.
He was uncomfortable.

She glanced at him.

He was mad. She made him mad.

He got up. He walked to her. He said he would see her that night.

She waited. Happy. Satisfied. Dreaming of the books. Her books.

He came in. He looked at her. He hard sharp teeth. No, sharp canines. Too sharp. Abnormally sharp.

She smiled. This was it.

She walked to him. She kissed him.

He didn’t kiss her. He walked back. He grabbed her by the neck. He bit her. Hard. Deep

She fell. The blood dripped out of her neck. The two marks on her neck.
He left.

Her books. She looked at her books. The wrong books.

She could hear his laugh. She could hear nothing.

She thought. Did she read the wrong books?

She thought no more. She read no more.

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