"A Figure Of Love"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Natasha Ivory or Ivy is a simple girl wanting her true love. In Boston, She met Sherwin, Whom she called her one true love.
But she found out that Sherwin is engaged. She got really got hurt. But when she stayed in New York, She met Drake. They love each other. But Drake wants a happy life together but Ivy is going to study. Who is the right man for her?

Table of Contents

My Life Begins

She had met her father this chapter.. Read Chapter

The Love Story

I cannot get over from yesterday.I still got that smile on me. While I was working on our lot; one cute man approached me and said "Do Yo... Read Chapter

All My Life

  Its been said and done..Im am totally in love with sherwin.Im gonna call my totally addicted friend to ask whats the _ is goin... Read Chapter

My First Heartbreak

  Chapter 4: My First Heartbreak   Well I asked Lin If he know Sherwin Robinson and I Craply Wanted to Die.. She... Read Chapter

The Refreshed Mind( A new Beginning)

  Days had passed since that party..So I've been wondering to forgive him since he doesnt even know that ive been falling for hi... Read Chapter

My Choice

  Chapter 6: My Choice   I replied Hello to him and I ran out of load..OHMYGOSH..I need the nearest loading stat... Read Chapter

Missing Him

Chapter 7: Missing Him. We saw grammy watching tv with a coffee at her side. "Mommy". Said my mom! "Grammy were here" I added. Grammy... Read Chapter


Ivory will expect more in her life. there is more changes and more and more happenings. Read Chapter

Feelings and more Feelings

The continuation of Ivy's life, love life and challenges. Read Chapter