A tale of Two Kindgom Hearts part 2

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Submitted: October 24, 2014

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Submitted: October 24, 2014



One sky, one ocean, each world contains these two vast areas: The same sky; The same ocean. No matter how far apart these worlds grow, they still will be connected by the hearts of their inhabitants. One world in particular housed the keyblade wielder Sora, and he was about to face his greatest challenge yet to "overcome." Kairi. We left off at the part where Sora is gaping at Kairi as her soaked scarlet panties slip into the ocean's retracting waves. She is entirely nude and begins to seductively approach him, with a sea salt icecream bar in her hand.

"Kairi!," stuttered Sora, "What are you doing?!" "Something," she said softly as she pushed him down into the oncoming waves drenching his already soaked pants, revealing a bulge underneath. She ripped his shirt in halves while saying, "Something." Then she grabbed the icecream bar and invaded her own vagina with it. The icy blue Sea Salt Icecream disappeared into her cunt as Sora began to try to get free. "Something I should have done alone time ago!" she moaned as the cold and salty bar melted within her, the cream slowly sliding down her legs. "Kairi!" said Sora as he urgently tryed to pry her off, but Kairi would not allow this, no she was determined to have him, she could not wait any longer.

With a swift move she worked magic with her hands, choking Sora just enough to make him open his mouth and wielding the submerged ice cream bar unsheathed the creamy remains and placed it directly into his mouth. His eyes bulged as he tasted the sweet and salty mixture of Kairi's inner fluids and the salty icecream. Kairi's vaginal aroma overwhelmed his senses invading his nose and laying on his tongue, his bulge grew. He also began to feel his legendary keyblade appear in his hand; the 7 foot blade was just the right size he thought and seizing his chance he thrusted the blade into her anus so hard that 2 feet went insider her. Kairi screamed in an ecstatic moan as she let go of Sora's thoat. He pushed her onto her back and slide on top of her. Kairi tried to get up but realized that with the Keyblade inserted she could not move. Sora massaged Kairi's breasts with his mouth full of the melted sea salt icecream as he removed his pants. He then rotated, his quivering privates ready to insert the open mouth of Kairi and his tongue ready to explore her inner core. He could not believe the day had come as he felt her tongue slide along his shaft. Upon inserting his tongue into the pink core Kari softly moaned, her lower half quivering. This went on slowly for five minutes.

Kairi couldn't hold on any longer and cried in an ecstatic shout of joy and passion as her orgasms over came her, flooding the awaiting mouth of Sora. He hungrily sucked in her fluid tasting the mixture of Sea Salt Icecream and her own bodily fluids as Kairi began to dance her tongue even faster around his shaft, sucking him hard, and letting him know that it was his turn to have an orgasms, which he already was beginning to have.  He let her have her wish and ejaculated into her mouth. Her tongue thirsty for more danced even more ferociously around his shaft. But as soon as Sora could no longer feel the flood from Kairi he removed his dick from her mouth, turned around and inserted it directly into her pussy, his tongue reaching out for hers. He began to pound her working her hips with his hands in rhytmatic motions to his own thrusting. Their eyes focused vividly onto each other as they grunted in rhythm. Then Sora grabbed the keyblade casting a spell that made his own dick grow three times in size(This is where the really fucked up shit happens).

Kairi could feel the pale flesh of Sora grow deeper and deeper into her inner sanctuary, it grew so far that it reached the limit of her vaginal roof. She screamed in pain as he pushed the Blade even further into her anus, her eyes bulging with tears of both lustful joy and ecstatic pain. She wanted more, she wanted more. Sora gave all that he had, fondling her breasts with his hands, his tongue dancing wildly with the wet tongue of Kairi, tasting the combined mixture of Sea Salt Icecream, her vaginal fluids, and unfortunately his own fluids, but he did not care, he had only one goal, to fuck Kairi as long as he could. The sun had disappeared replaced with the moon, as the waves of the ocean washed over the tired bodies of both Sora and Kairi, their combined final organismic cream  seeping into the hungry ocean. They were both fast asleep, their Kingdom Hearts now one.

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