A tale of Two Kingom Hearts

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this is a fanfiction of Sora and Kairi from Kingdom hearts!

Submitted: October 23, 2014

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Submitted: October 23, 2014



 After the restorartion of the worlds for the second time our hero Sora is finally able to go home to the islands. seven years has passed since that day and he and the mayor's daughter Kairi, have been getting closer over those years. Kairi has again gone back to having her short red hair, while Sora still had his spiky hair jutting out from his head. Today was to be their third date. there were no fancy resturants around and there was only fish to be caught that day, so unfortunately they had to eat sea salt icecream, although they didn't mind because it was both salty and sweet.

"The ice cold Blue Sea Salt Icecream tastes extra salty today" thought Sora as he bit a piece off from the tip. It was a normal day, the waves were calmly sweeping across the ocean. The sun was beginning to slowly descend. "A normal day, no heartless to battle, sheesh even the king and my friends don't visit that often anymore, oh wait... thats right... the connection between the world was disconected."  He looks gloomly at the sandy beach. The hand of Kairi on his shoulder brings him out of his sudden depression. "Your icecream is melting!" she said laughingly. He looked down to see that half of the icecream had melted and now was covering his hand in a blue coating. "Darn." He murmmerd feeling the sticky cream ooze on his hand, when an idea came to him. "Kairi would love a ice cream facial"  He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her in, coating her face with his sticky hand. "HEY!" she shouted, pushing him into the oncoming waves. The water felt cool and salty against his skin as it soaked his clothes.

As he tried to get up, Kairi pushed him back down and jumped on him, riding him into the next frenzy of waves. He playfully picked her up and tossed her into another wave laughing. She too got soaked, but the icecream had been washed away from her face, there remained one more bar in the box on the shore. Unfortunatley she got so soaked that the clothes she wore began to become transparent, showing the scarlet undergarments she wore underneath. She screamed as she begain to cover her self, before another wave dragged her far out into the ocean. "Sora!" she screamed as she was pulled out far into the suddenly violent waves. The hero that he was, Sora took off his shirt reveling his pale and skinny upper half, that was capable of defeating armies of Heartless and Nobodies. He plunged into the cold, and wet depths after his princess who could not swim. 

The waves began to settle, the seagulls flew the coop, the sun continued to set, its light reflecting on the surface of the cold body of water. Kairi had been thrown out above the surface with Sora underneath her. She was sitting on his shoulders, her wet legs wrapped around his neck. Slowly he swam with her on his back to the shore. The water that was still on Kari began to drip onto Sora's back. When he got onto the shore he fell over and Kairi toppled to the sandy beach now both wet and covered in sand. Sora begain to cough, and then threw up a volume of salt water, and his recently eaten Sea Salt Icecream. As Kairi came to his side hugging him while he threw up.  "You want the other Ice Cream bar?" Kairi said as she opened the wrapper and handed it over to him. He bit into it and slowly muched it while staying bent over. "Are you okay?" She asked leaning in.

He grabbed her by the waist and shoved the icecream bar into her gaping lips. He then got up and walked toward the ocean and kneeled by the water and dabbed his mouth with the ocean water. Kairi just sat where she was, the salty and sweet bar suddenly in her mouth, when a single melted drop mixed with Sora's saliva dripped in between her bosom. Sora stared at his reflection in the water. Suddenly his head had been submurged into the waters. Upon rolling out of the way of his attacker's grasp. When he looked to where the culprit was his eyes bulged out of their sockets. There was Kairi topless, slowly taking off her panties.

To be continued. 

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