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Submitted: November 10, 2014

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Submitted: November 10, 2014



It was once my sword, once my shield, what it is can never be revealed.

Through thick and thin, every now and then, you could hear it break.

The sweet succoth, the tantalizing aroma, the crimsion blood, coated upon its surface.

A body I once owned, now lies still, no longer free to roam.

A caccoon, a false. Temporary, white, flesh, skin. Hiding what was within.

Rage, hatred, fear, hope. this was their shield their sword, which now lies broken.

False idols false beliefs, terrorize all so none can sleep.

No one but he, knew me complete, the evil within, caged by his golden heart.

His armourous armour was my cage, my prision, my deprevision from the darkness.

But he is gone, and i am here to stay, my new armour, shines black as night, as tough as iron, as strong as steel, these reptillian

This inner hell now unleashed, This be my inner dream, for a world to burn is a world i call home. my slave the leviathan, my ally 

the chtulu, my sword, my shield, the rage i will never yield.

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