Two Choices

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A short poem i wrote. i just started to write it to get what i was feeling out but towards the end, i found my own answer to my own question, hope you all like it

Submitted: December 24, 2009

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Submitted: December 24, 2009



Sometimes I wonder,
What's the point to living,
and fighting back?
If we're all going under,
in this world so unforgiving,
that doesn't give us any slack.
We see children on the street with a place to call home,
Woman being forced to make love,
Men fighting only to die for a lost cause.
We walk and roam,
all the time looking to the skies above,
wondering why the world has so many flaws.
So why do those among us fight,
When the rest of us see no reason to do so?
Because they say, you have two choices,
you can give into the darkness for your own delight or out of fright,
or you can refuse to give in and let yourself go.
The voices in your head our many, but only one will become your own voice.

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