this is my story about power of will of person who puched to his limit to reach his dream

Power Of Will




Welcome to my new story called power of will and I guess the story’s name tells itself
Well in my story it’s about person he did everything to reach his dream but when he got close to it something terrible happened to him and make it nearly impossible but there’s nothing called “Impossible” if you want to know why then read this


Commentary called Jerry in the microphone: oh yeah Bobby here we go this is last 30 meters to reach the end line of this amazing race
Bobby: yes here they comes 
Jerry: woow in first place its number 7 he is Jonathan Carlton and few meters behind him there’s number 11 it’s Gerard Donllas
Bobby: yes last 20 meters is he going to do it? is going to win ?
Lucy Carlton caring her 5 months babe in crowd (cheering for her husband Jonathan): come on, come on baby you can do it I can’t believe it, look my babe your daddy going to win 
Jerry: he is going to win just 10 meters to reach end of this marathon
Bobby: wait what ?? wait a sec ? what the…? Is he is he no way
Jerry: what happen Jonathan just go down and and no way u got be kidding me he is not moving come on Jonathan what wrong
Lucy: what’s matter ?? omg some on tell me what’s going ? 
Bobby: we need doctor I guess wait Gerard taking number one in race oh no 
Jerry: he is champion Gerard is champion he did it 
Bobby: congratulation to Gerard but what happened to Jonathan ? Call doctors now
Well winner of that legendary marathon race was Gerard and he was last one after that shocked moments when everyone realize that was last breath of Jonathan before he dies by heart attack before just 10 meters from finish line…no one can imagine how it was so hard for Lucy when she saw her husband for last time then she heard from doctors he got a heart attack but he was alive in his last moments when Gerard pass him and won that race, Lucy never forget that and never ever forgive Gerard because he didn’t stop and check for Jonathan state after he went down in front of him and for his greed to be winner he didn’t stop he just continue race and won that race and celebrate instead in saving his race mate Jonathan…
So after 20 years from last Marathon in town which stopped after that accident but now son of this marathon’s founder the legendary Phillips Oris II here comes the son Steve Oris and he announced the returning of  marathon after been dispended for 20 years so most people of town accept it and they were happy for returning of most amazing race in town but that not feel it same for Lucy who lost her husband in last marathon but not same for her son who grows up and became a man, well his name is Mario.
Mario is son  of Jonathan the legendary racer but he never won that marathon so Mario decided when he was young to train and train to be a racer like his father he spent most of his time in exercise to be a good racer and with his father soul inside him he want to be a great racer as his father so he decided to never give up until he reach his dream and become the best racer in his city then when he hears that marathon race is going back once after this years he…
Mario go to his mother Lucy and says : mama did u heard the news ? the town’s marathon is back I can’t believe it finally after those years !!  I heard in next summer 
Lucy: what ? that cursed marathon will lunch again in next 9 months ?
Mario: yeah and I’m going to join it and why not to win it and achieve my father wish and his legacy
Lucy: no please son don’t be a part of that stupid race 
Mario: what ? mom but I trained so hard to became a good racer so I want to win this race it’s not only for me it’s for my dad
Lucy( feels so sad) : son as I told you before I can’t stop thinking about that race it’s like a nightmare to me well if your father didn’t competed it into it he would be here with us
Mario: mama I know it’s hard for you but this time I am sure I will be champion as you see I’m best racer in this town I won 29 from 34 races in my short carrier like in school races and other competitions
Lucy: I know you are so fast son perhaps even faster than your father but it’s hard for you in your conditions I’m afraid if same thing happens to you
Mario: mama don’t worry I will be fine and besides I trained all this years to be racer like my father but I think I’m not so fast like him hahaha but I will try
Lucy: son ok but you promise if something happened to you before this race please tell me and if need to quite then do it please I won’t lose you too 
Mario: don’t worry mom you will be proud I promise you I will fellow my father stops to the glory!! And this time I will be champion.
Weeks later Mario in gym for training then his old friend Kevin sees him
Kevin: I can’t believe my eyes is that you Super Mario ?
Mario (taking off the training’s wheel): woow Kevin yeah it’s me
Kevin: dude I didn’t see you for years !! from last time we race in school I bet you got so stronger and faster than last time right ?
Mario: yeah sure and how about you ? do you want to race me once again and let’s prove who is best ?
Kevin: I hope so but not today I’m not feeling well and I just came here to see my father his the owner of this gym 
Mario: ah your father is owner!!! That’s cool I didn’t knew it until now and by the way need to race once again to see his better because last time I lost against you then I beat you in school race and got first place
Kevin: yeah we need one more race to prove who is best !! and I hope soon, and wait you training now don’t tell me that you are going to the legendary marathon this summer ?
Mario: well I guess yeah I’m in and I’m sure you will not going to watch but you will be inside that race isn’t ?
Kevin: of course I will be there and I will win this year even though we need to settle the score between us and see who is better in that marathon 
Mario: yes sure I can’t wait 
Kevin: me either my old rival ah there’s is my father now I need to go so see you soon and keep training
Mario: ok see ya
So Mario continue his training for 3 months in everyday when he training all he want is be stronger and stronger also he can’t remove that scene in his mind of tape he watched of his father accident last 20 years ago every time he think about it he got power and strength in his physical power and his mentality so he work and work but somehow his fate going to be change and that day when Mario met his friend Kevin then went to his home, that was darkest day in his entire life
Mario finished his training and going to home then he saw Kevin in doors of gym’s building
Mario: hey Kevin what’s up ? 
Kevin: not much and you ?
Mario: I just finished my exercise and going back to my home
Kevin: cool same to me !! oh excuse me Mario 
Father’s Kevin: hey Kevin are you ready to go to home ?
Kevin: yeah father 
Mario: hey sir
Kevin: Mario this is my father and daddy this is my friend Mario I think you remember him he is guy who won against me in last school competition  in races
Father’s Kevin: ah yeah I remember him well you kids remind me of my past when I was racer too
Mario: racer ? really ?? 
Kevin: yeah my father is racer well he is last champion of marathon last 20 years that’s why I want to be his successor this time
Mario(his reaction got changed): what ?
Gerard (Kevin’s father): yeah son oh it’s been to long for that marathon and finally that guy called Steve Oris from the family of foundation of this marathon make it back and this time son I want you be a champ as your daddy
Kevin: yes sure dad and this time will be amazing fight with my old rival Mario and it will be awesome right Mario ?
Mario(feels anger and unhappy): yeah I guess, bye
Kevin: hey what’s wrong ? wait me !
Then Mario left building 
Kevin: father let me go and see what’s wrong with my friend I feel he had something strange maybe I can help him so please wait me
Gerard: what ? ohh ok go quickly talk with your friend then back
Kevin: okay
So Kevin go to talk to Mario
Kevin: hey Mario wait me !!
Mario: …
Kevin: hey what’s wrong with you ?
Mario: sorry I can’t speak right now
Kevin: why ?
Mario remembers that moment when his father dies then he says:
You are son of Gerard Donllas the last champion of that marathon aren’t you ?
Kevin: yes so what’s wrong with that ?
Mario (tears in his eyes): I can’t talk now besides do you know why that marathon stopped ? did you heard about that accident ?
Kevin: yeah you mean the death of Jonathan that racer yeah I heard about it
Mario (crying): he is my father
Kevin (shocked): oh no now I got it well sorry for that
Mario: if you father just stopped and check my father’s state if he just calls doctors…my father would be here with me but…
Kevin: I know it’s hard for you so I’m sorry about it I had same feeling when I heard that too but it’s over, just move on and now you need to focus for this marathon and good luck
Mario: no need to apologize is not your fault and yeah it’s over now and good luck to you too bye
Kevin: bye 
Kevin goes back to his father then enters the car and he looks straight to his father face and ask him: Daddy I’ve question for you 
Gerard: what is it son ?
Kevin: why you didn’t save Jonathan before he died ?
Gerard: huh ? How dare you to ask your father about something like this ?
Kevin: sorry but I can’t understand it ? when you saw him lays down in ground why you didn’t see if he is okay or no ?
Gerard: why you asking this now ?
Kevin: father because my friend Mario is only son of Jonathan Carlton 
Gerard: oh now I got it well listen son I know that was wrong and I’m really regret it now I just had in my mind only I need to win I thought he was fine…but he is gone now so move from past and think for future and I don’t care now only want you to be champion you must be my successor and let’s clear our name so you must win
Kevin: I know but daddy…
Gerard (yell): I don’t care just wins it okay? It doesn’t matter what it take 
Kevin: alright father
Back to Mario he is going to his home and trying to forget who he met earlier while he turns his left he saw a kid playing with his ball but suddenly that kid throw his ball away to cars road, Mario saw him he yell hey kid stop don’t get your ball a car coming in you side but that kid didn’t listen when he pick his ball a car comes to his way he didn’t realised so Mario run to save him he used his full power sprint to save that kid so he make it to that kid he hug him and jump but that was not enough the car hit his left leg and smash his left foot completely he got a dangerous accident and went to hospital after few days he wake up he find his mother with him then he says:
Mama what happened ?? where am I ?
Lucy: oh you awake sweety, how do you feel now ?
Mario: I don’t know I’m just feel some concussion so what happened ?
Lucy(crying): son thank god you are alive right now !! it will be okay son
Mario: what’s happened ? I remember last time I saw a kid playing with his ball then he…oh I can’t remember what happen next ah my head hurting me
Lucy: son you saved that kid from a accident but you are the one who got accident by that car
Mario: ohh no so that kid is fine now ? and how much I will stay here in hospital ?
Lucy: he is fine and son please listen I was with your doctor right now and he told me something might crash your dreams so please son try to pull it together and it will be fine
Mario: a dream ? mama what are you talking about it ? and what the doctor says to you
Lucy(weeping): son sorry to say but your left foot totally got smashed by that car and doctors did a surgery to save your rest of your body so he take it off 
Mario (shocked): he take my left foot off ? are you kidding me ? no way 
Lucy: sorry honey but there was not other option 
Mario(cries) then how I can compete in marathon and race once again with one foot why this is happening to me ? why ?? 
Days later Mario start feeling better from his shocks and start realize his dream is over then a man comes to see Mario he step up in his room: hey can I talk with Mario for minutes?
Lucy answered : ok but don’t push on him and wait who are you ?
Man(kid’s father): oh sorry I forget to introduce to you myself well I’m Carlos and this is my son Juan we are here to visit your son and thank him about saving my son’s life
Lucy: oh ok you can enter the room he will be happy if he saw your son
So Carlos and his son Juan enter the room and talk with Mario
Carlos: oh hey Mario how are you ?
Mario: hey I feel better today
Carlos: I’m here to thank you for saving my child 
Mario: oh no problem I did right thing 
Juan: thank you mr.Mario so please takes this cake because you saved me 
Mario(smiled): nah it’s fine I didn’t need anything
Carlos: also I heard about you leg surgery and I’m sure it’s hard for you especially you were a racer and want join the marathon of this year
Mario: yeah it’s over now I can’t do anything my dream is gone 
Carlos: no don’t say that you still have a chance 
Mario: huh ?
Carlos: look Mario I came here not only to thank you also to give you a gift as reward for your gift in saving my son’s life 
Mario: a gift ?
Carlos: yeah I’m going to help you to make you walk again and then maybe you can make your dream comes true 
Mario: really ? but how ?
Carlos: you heard about new high technology called Iron Foot ? well I’m going to buy it and you will get another surgery to implant it in your leg so you can have your left foot again so you can walk but it’s kind hard then normal leg but if you get to use it you can try to train once again but this need much power of your will so can you do it ? I can take care at everything for this surgery so don’t worry but rest of job dependence on you
Mario: woow that’s cool and yeah I want that iron foot at least I can walk again so I’m ready for this surgery and then I will do my best to training and go to marathon and wins it for my father 
Carlos: woow this so difficult for you but I wish best to you
Mario: thank you so much
Few days later Mario go to do his second surgery and this time to put an iron foot to replace his old foot to can walk after 5 hours of surgery finally the operation been success and he is fine by now so after he back to his home he start thinking again about his dream…
After he got used to his new foot and started walk then in few weeks he decided to back training but this time will be more difficult when he is back to gym, everyone inside gym stand up with him and courage him and help him so Mario worked so hard more than anyone else he just can’t give up in working even he suffer the pain nobody can imagine it, then he start running for one hour without stop to take rest, he felt much pain but doesn’t matter he only think to win and the glory and for his mother hop he swear never give up even with one leg !!! then someday he met Steve Oris  and he asked him to join the marathon this year but…
Steve: what are you sure ? sorry I can’t let you 
Mario: please sir I need to join that race
Steve: but your medical state unstable sorry I can’t let you be in this threat it’s 1500 KMs you can’t race with one leg, I’m worry about your life
Mario (look down): hey I understand your worries about my health 
Steve: yeah thank you for unders…
Mario (look up straight to Steve and yell): but I will never give up in reaching my dream and broke my mother promise !! I will win it even with one leg and one arm 
Steve: what ?
Mario: you can’t understand how I feel ?? I trained all this year for this moment !! even after my accident last few months that’s not enough to stop me !! and as I can breath so can run and be champion of this year
Steve: woow you are really so amazing and I’m really surprise about your power of will
Mario ( he stood down in his knees and begging Steve and his tears in his eyes): please sir let me join the race I will do best and if I didn’t feel well I will quite in middle but please let me try
Steve: ok you can and please if you don’t feel well you must quite don’t push yourself I won’t same thing happened like last 20 years ago to your father and good luck
Mario (feel happy): yeah and thank you so much
So Mario trains all reaming days before marathon…
And finally the big day comes !! after 20 years the two commentaries Bobby and Jerry come too…
Jerry: finally here we are in the greatest marathon in town welcome back all and for you too my commentary mate Bobby
Bobby: oh old man I’m so glad to back after these years to comment for this amazing race
Jerry: yeah indeed and I can’t wait to see this new generation racing for glory
Bobby: yeah and now let’s hear our new manger mr.Steve his words before race start
Steve: Hey everyone to our to marathon, after those years I’m glad to be the one who will continue this competition also I’m glad to see this new generations today ready for the biggest race in their life so this time I will be more carefully for all racers medical state before race to be sure that accident happened last twenty years will not happen again and please all now give us one minute of silence as respect for the legendary Jonathan Carlton please
After the minute of silence every racer warm up for race and ready for it
Lucy: hey son, are you sure you can handle this ?
Mario: yeah mom I’m fine don’t worry I will race and if anything happen to me I will quite as u to tell me
Lucy (kissed Mario) : ok good luck son mwaah 
Meanwhile Gerard talking to his son
Gerard: listen son it’s your day !! I want to see you be champion for your father
Kevin: ok father
Gerard: go now and make me proud of you and don’t give any chance for your rivals to win specially Jonathan’s kid !!
Kevin: ok I will
So the race begin and everyone start running
Bobby: and here we go !!
All racers start running and running, Mario racing them with one leg and with iron will after 1 hour the race reached last 500 ms and in first place a racer called John and three racers following him including Mario and Kevin but somehow john stopped racing in last 400 ms he felt unwell and he stopped to take rest so Mario and Kevin with third racer goes to first three places however Mario start feeling pain in his left leg but he didn’t stop he risked everything so he fire up and boost his speed beyond his limit while he running he only think for his father death and his mother hope give him power and he gave everything he got so with his power of will and made the unbelievable and he become in first place within 300 ms to end of race, Kevin reaction was what in world he can do it ? is he human
Mario( talk with himself but he feels pain): yeah I can do it I never let my mother hope goes in waste but my leg is fucking hurting me oh I can do it and I will never give up that’s it last 100 ms oh yeah I’m going to win it
Jerry: we in last 100 ms of race and can you believe it it’s Mario the son of Jonathan woow
Lucy(start crying): oh my god my son in first place, come on you can do it
Bobby: well I just heard shocked information about that racer well he racing with one foot and other foot made from metal 
Jerry: what ? I never see in my life a racer like this guy 
Gerard(so mad): are you kidding me ? this brat is going to win, come on soon
Bobby: finally the last 50 ms and I think we have winner 
Jerry: yes Mario in first place before 50 ms of ending and second one is Kevin in 70 ms before end 
Lucy: he is going to win I can’t believe my eyes
Mario(his face goes red and suffering): yeah I can do it !! it’s over I’m champion
Kevin: he going to win it he is not human this guy is amazing
Bobby: all crowds up their seats for this !! it’s last 20 ms 
Jerry: just one minute to got our winner Mario
Mario: well there is end line finally this going be over…
Jerry: what the…
Well Mario in last 10 meter the same thing happened after 20 years to his father same happen to son Mario goes down his left foot got crashed he can’t move anymore and everyone in area got shocked specially Mario’s mom lucy she yell omg no way this cursed race…bobby and jerry reactions was same like last accident even steve can’t believe it and he call the doctors to go and check for Mario’s health 
Mario(crawling with everything he still got): no no no no I can’t give up now !! even my left foot got crushed I will not give up I must win
He tries to stand up but he failed with his screams and tears, an emotion moment for all crowds they stand up and cheer and clapping for him all cheers and yell “ c’mon SUPER MARIO you can do it”
Mario tries and tries to stand up and continue but every time he fail then the second racer Kevin he saw Mario laying in ground so he counties running to finish line same thing happened last 20 years
Bobby: no no this is not fair oh come on
Gerard: yeah son hahahaha go and win it 
When Mario saw Kevin just walk in front of him he give up and says it’s over so all looks to Kevin is reaching final line and thinking it’s over he is champion this time
But Kevin stop in last 3 meters all got shocked what the…?
Gerard: what the fuck ?? hey what are you doing ? come on finish it
But Kevin stops and turns his face with tears in face to Mario and says:
You know what I always thought I can be better than you but the truth says itself you are always been best 
Mario: what are you talking about ?
Kevin: I don’t want to be champion like this way I’m not like my father that’s why I’m going to help you
Bobby( yells): what’s going on there ? 
Jerry: it’s seems Kevin talking with Mario wait a sec are you kidding me ??
Gerard(yells): idiot what are you doing ? turn back and wins it now !!
Bobby:  I can’t believe it Kevin helping Mario
Kevin: come on I’ll help you to win this race you deserve it
Mario(crying): really ??
Kevin(with a smile): you are my friend after all you can win this I can win next year I believe if you didn’t save that kid and lost you left foot u will be champion by now
Mario: thank you
So Kevin helps Mario cuddle him and walk with him to last line and racers in third and four places comes and when they what Kevin did to Mario they stop racing to and start cheer for Mario and respect for his sacrifice Kevin and Mario reach last meter then tell him now go be champion then Mario hugs him and says thank you for everything my friend so Mario walk last meter and win the race 
Bobby: what a sport spirit that guy has
Jerry: indeed I respect Kevin choice
Bobby: congratulation to Mario or let’s call him Super Mario
Steve: and the winner is Mario 
So Mario after take some medicine helps by doctors he finally comes to take his gold medallion and one who is going to give it to him is last champion Gerard
Gerard: congratulation Mario Cartlon also I’m sorry for that accident happened last 20 years I knew if I just helped him like my son done to you he could be here with us giving you this medallion
Mario: that’s ok sir after thinking isn’t your fault to take that opportunity and won it and if that’s my father fate to die there so we can’t stop it so I win this medallion for my father 
Gerard: so be careful and go back to doctors to see check everything for your health and I’m really happy to see someone with this power of will to win this marathon
Steve: totally agree with you and good job Mario
Mario: no you need to thank Kevin too if he didn’t help me I won’t be here 
Kevin: its okay I’m glad you are champ as I told you I can race again but not same for you maybe this last time so father I’m sorry I failed you
Gerard: no son you did right think and I should apologize because I tried to blind you to win this race instead helping your friend
Lucy( crying for son): my dear you did it and thank god you still alive 
Mario: mama with one leg with one arm I will not give up for reaching my dream as I told you before as I can breath as I can reach my dream…
So race is over with this happy ending I finish my story too 
And I hope you enjoy it
Sorry for my grammar problems I know I’m not good in English but I hope you get point of my story ? so you have dream don’t give up do your best to reach it
® all right reserved to me writer of this story Dark Knight

Submitted: April 28, 2014

© Copyright 2022 darksknight. All rights reserved.

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