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A boy who love a girl that out to be his stepsister

Submitted: March 01, 2014

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Submitted: March 01, 2014



My father held a letter in his hand and walked towards me. He looked kind of different and he handed me the letter. I read the letter and I was really shocked to find out that my father just got married again and I will have a little sister. My mind was going blank and I looked at my father with a confuse face. I asked him why he did not tell me about this directly and he said that it was easier to explain it through letter compared to talking. This is how the story of my life begins.

My name is Sawamura Keiji and I am 21 years old. Although I am still young but I already had a fix job. I am a technician at Sony Company and I am saving my money to buy my own dream house. I started to save my money since I was in university and now I have save around RM 10 000. My mother had passed away two years ago due to her weak body. She was a really nice and warm person. She always smiles even when she was hospitalised due to her critical condition.  She was my ideal woman. When she was hospitalised, my father stayed beside her till her last breathe. My father cried a lot on that day but he still tried his best to raise me until this day. He never complained about his job but deep inside his heart, I know that he is lonely. I know that he will marry again one day. The days had come for me to meet my new family member. They will start to stay with us from now on and my father looked really happy. I was kind of nervous to meet them because it would be really awkward. Suddenly, the doorknob move and the door opened but I still cannot see their face because the ultraviolet rays from the sun blocked my sight. When the door was closed, I was really surprised. I did a double take when my crush was standing in front of me. My new little sister was Sukumoto Sakura. She is 15 years old and she is my first love. I always saw her walking home with her friends during my rest time. That was my precious time during my work time.

I was still in shock knowing that my first love turned out to be my step sister. She smiled at me and said, `Onii-chan, I will be under your care from now on’. My heart was pounded very hard because she was so cute but the reality was really cruel. I cannot love her anymore. Unconsciously, my tears slowly soaked my face. They were really shocked and they tried to comfort me but i just put a fake smile and I just went shut myself in my room leaving them in fazed. My mind was really messed up. How could this happen to me? I don’t want to be her brother. I love her so much. I decided to move out because it would be dangerous for me to stay near her because I am a normal teenager boy. I don’t know if I can control my lust and it will be really hurt me a lot to stay near her right now. My father opposed my decision at the beginning but after I said that I wanted to be independent, he agrees with my decision. I really hope that I can forget about her.

It been a month since I moved out from that house and it was kind of lonely to stay alone but one day, I got a phone call from my father asking me to go home. I was wandering what is going on and it looks like my father wanted me to take care of my little sister since they wanted to go for their honeymoon. At first, I wanted to decline it but after seeing my parent’s happy face, I could not do it so I accepted their quest. I think this would be a good opportunity for me to try to love my sister as a sister but not as a woman. The day had come. After sending my parents to the airport, I went home. When I reached there, I can see my sister smiling and she suddenly come and hugged me saying that she really miss me. The moment she hugged me, I felt like my heart was about to explode. I gently removed her arm away from my shoulder and gently pushed her back. Looks like I really can’t think her as a sister. I tried to hold myself and I thought everything would be fine but it wasn’t. Our fate can be really cruel sometimes. A few days later, I found out that our parents died in a plane crash. My sister was beside me when I was watching the news. I can see the tears came out from her eyes so I quickly change the channel. She was crying really hard so I gently hugged her and I tried to comfort her. I promise her that I will always be there beside her. I tried my best to hold back my tears because I had to be strong for her.

The time flew so fast and it had been five months after the unforgettable accident. She had completely recovered from the shocked. I felt really although I still have to manage my time effectively so I can always be there for her. I felt like we are getting closer and I can see all of her personality that I don’t know yet such as how spoil she is, how much of scaredy cat she could be and others. Unfortunately, seeing all of her personality only made me fall in love with her more but I can’t touch her as a man but only as a brother. It was really unfair. One day, she looked really happy so I asked her if anything good happen at school. At first, she look hesitate to answer back my question but the she answer it. One of the boys in her class confessed to her and now they are going out. When I heard her word, my heart was broken into pieces. I can feel the tear running in my eyes. I smile at her and I said congratulation. Sometimes, I really hate reality and I really want to live in a dreamland where my entire dream can come true. It is really hurt when we have a one-side love. Why am I so afraid of losing you when you are not mine? Thinking about this really messed up my reasoning. I was about to blame my god about what had happen to me. Why must she become my sister? Why must you take my parents from me? Why must you test me like this? I know all of this was according to decree and the predestination but I don’t know if I can face all of this anymore. After I just wake up from my daydream, I just pet her head and I went straight to the kitchen to prepare for dinner. Looks like I won’t need any salt to prepare dinner tonight.

Days after days, I tried my best to contain my lust or my feeling toward my little sister that it really drives me crazy. I thought that this is over but it wasn’t. My sister involved in an accident on her first date. Her boyfriend died in the accident and she lost her sight. I was really shocked about the accident. I rushed to hospital when I arrived there, my sister looked lifeless. Dear god, why must you take her happiness. You are the omniscient one and I prayed for you to give me enough strength to face my challenge patiently because you are the most gracious and merciful god. After all, I am one of your faithful and weak servants. My sister had lost her spirit to live and she started to spend her days on the wheelchair although she can still walk. I decided to take care of her and become her leg if she can’t walk. After all, I have promise to always stay beside her. My life will be more difficult as I had to limit my part-time job so I can take care of her properly. She really needs someone beside her now.

Believe it or not, it had been three months. She was still in low spirit and she barely touches her food. She always looked sad that it really hurt my heart. I am willing to be stabbed a thousand to see her smiling face again. I had tried my best to make her smile but I fail. On one sunny day, I decided to take her for a walk at the park. We sat under a big shady tree that protects us from the ultra violet rays of the blazing sun. I wanted her to enjoy the nature and I want her to feel the wind gust. Out of the blue, I heard a word came out from her small mouth saying that she wanted to see this world again. Hearing that sentences really leave me on a big impact but I wanted to fulfil her wish so I took her to see the doctor on the next day. The doctor said that she can see again but someone needs to donate their eyes that will match with her body system. After that, I tried to look for the donators from doors to doors and by online but I fail. It had been already a month but I still can’t find the donator so I decided to check whether my eyes would match with her body system or not and it looks like my eyes are 100 percents match with her body system. I was really shocked to hear that. After hearing the result, I went straight home and shut myself in my room. After thinking hard, I had made my decision that I will donate my eyes to her. I called my aunty and asked them to take care of her after the operation because I can’t do it anymore and they were willing to do it. After the call, I went to my sister and told her that I had found someone to donate their eyes. Hearing my statement made her smile again for the first time after the accident. Seeing her smile made me cry and I won’t regret with my decision. Now, I wanted to spend my precious time with her because after this, I won’t be able to see her again because I decided to live separately with her so that she won’t the donator identity. A week had passed and the time had come for the eyes transplant. Before the operation start, I went to see her for the last time. I can feel the tears came out from my eyes. I gently kiss her cheek and whisper to her ear saying that I really love her and sorry that I have to break my promise to her. She looked confuse when she heard that but I just pet her head.

10 years had passed after the operation and now I had become a homeless blind guy that lives inside a cupboard house. I don’t have any money left to me because most of my money that I have saved had been used to pay the operation. My sister thought that I had continued my study overseas. I wonder if she will be disappointed with me if she found out the truth. My dream to stay beside the person that I love will never be true. I can still remember her smiling face and that alone had enough for me. I really hope that she will succeed in her life. The only thing that I can say is I really love her and I will always love her.

 I think I don’t have much time anymore. To anyone who found this book, if you read this, that mean I had already dead. I want to give you an advice. Always cherish the one you love and never give up one her. Life can be cruel sometimes but try to face it with patient because every season had it own reason. If your love turns out to be a forbidden love, just hide your feeling because your love can hurt the one you love. I hope that you will never share the same fate with me. May god bless you

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