Whole Again

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She's whole again. Got the one she loves at her side.(:

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Swooned, I was

When you asked me to be yours once more.

Breathless, I am

Everytime I see your flawless face.

My heart races everytime you draw near.

My love for you is as overwhelming as a tidal wave,

You've taken over this heart of mine.

Engulfed me in the purest of affairs,

Your love.

My love, you lighten my life,

illuminate this poor soul.

Your eyes shine brighter than polaris, itself,

They glisten more than the ocean under the moonlight.

Everything about you is nothing short of perfection.

Listen, love of mine,

My love for you is uncomparable,

Unfathomable, unmatched by any.

It's as strong as the sun is warm,

As pure as the lamb is innocent,

As fierce as the snow is white,

My love for you is a grass fire in Texas,

Midsummer; Unstoppable.

Baby, your smile,

Your smile is magnificent.

Your smile is more comforting than a best friend,

More reassuring than a lifetime warranty.

Your heart, my dear one,

Your heart is warmer than center of the earth,

Bigger than the entiriry of the universe,

More loving than a mother to an infant.

You are my all,

You make me who I am,

How I am.

I love you with a love that surpasses all.

You are the greatest thing that has ever stumbled

Into my life.

My miracle,



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