there's beauty in a beast

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

we all see ourselves as beasts, but we never look at the beauty in us, we all have it and we all need to show it a little more. credit goes to me and my brother sky

born of a happy family,

full of nothing but misery.

the young son grew up fast.

yet, never did he forget, nor forgive, those of his past!


had a heart full of lies,

that was blackened with dispise.

never would he know a love that's true

all this he already knew!


he was quick to learn,

for he knew not how fast the tides would turn.

he met a man tall and light,

who would teach him the art of fight.


he trained for days on end;

never to feel flesh pain again.

he battled his thoughts away every day!

trying to force the memories away.


his true motives became very clear.

and the trainer tought him to disappear.

hurt by his ignorance of trust,

filled with a vengeful lust!


he used his knowledge he had gained,

and used them to obtain his reign.

his tactics were brutal!

to hide from him was futile.


he brought shame to those who cared.

he cared not for he was not scared!

he missioned to secure the border,

and created a new world order!


he became discovered a last resort.

the people became his hearts emotion.

dispise and hatred caused a big commotion.


he set the rules for those who wanted peace.

told them the world is theirs once he was deceased!

the people never noticed, nor did they care,

they liked the world better before he was there!


a heart just as cold as his,

but a brain small enough to miss.

he wasn't out to rule the world,

but to satisfy its quarrels.


where a bullet pierced was his heart!

this was the sinful kings plan from the start.

he was the last sinful leader!

he knew in the biginning this would bring the world great cheer.


those who once cared now cried.

as they relized his true plans as he died!

years went by that was fullof peace.

the purest of worlds has now found a release!


Its true when they say..."there's even a beast."


Submitted: October 21, 2012

© Copyright 2021 darkworm666. All rights reserved.

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