Forever lost at sea

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this poem is about a woman who lost her husband at sea. It hurts her deeply that he won't ever come back, so she decides to go with him. its a sad love, but beautiful too.

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



What a beautiful angel she was, 
but yet she was so lonely. 
she lost her true love to sea. 
Everyday she sat on this rock 
looking out onto the water, 
drifting back and forth into a day dream. 
thinking and picturing 
what life would be like, 
if this restless sea, 
never have taken her love away. 
she gave her heart to this love, 
but now he is gone, 
her heart forever lost at sea. 
the feeling of her heart lost, 
is like that of the devil cursing a innocent girl 
and taking all she ever knew away from her. 
As she thinks to herself , 
she knows what she must do. 
it scares her to live another day without her love, 
for its like living in Hell, 
a terrible nightmare. 
This Beautiful angel walks slowly to the edge of the rocks, 
she takes one step, 
releasing her soul to the lord to keep, 
just as long as she is once reunited, 
with her true love lost at sea.

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