My Grandma's story

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this is a opem i wrote my grandma. i never got to meet her so i wrote this.

Submitted: February 03, 2012

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Submitted: February 03, 2012



I often wonder do i have your eyes?

Maybe if you were here there wouldn't be painful cries.

I have been told your story,

How you made it to Glory.

On that dark and dreary night,

That drunk driver didn't have you in sight.

You were only thirty- two.

You left your family feeling so blue.

Now time has turned bad.

Tell me Grandma does that make you sad?

Everytime the rain falls,

i believe i can here your weaping calls.

Everytime i look at the sky,

I know you are sitting on high.

When you look down.

The pain gives you a frown.

You ask God why?

"Why did i have to go and die"?

"My family needs me".

"Please God can't you see".

God took you by the hand and said

"I have this all in my plan.

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