A guy professing why he needs to be with a woman.

She has a way.
She has a touch, a feeling, an emotion,
That captures my soul.
She captivates my heart in all essences
And controls the flow of my blood.
My thoughts are wrapped
Within a single endless strand
Of her white hot breath
And the feeling of her
Ice cold touch.
Never have I thought of love to be this true,
But she has done something to me.
She has blown away my perception
And for the first time
I felt myself shiver
At the sight of her fiery eyes.
Never have I been expelled into an abyss
Of everlasting fantasy.
She has opened my way
And for the first time
I understand.
She has become a part of me.
And as we entranced ourselves
In the warm ecstasy of this raging moment,
Life has just exploded into me.
And now I can see
How hot it could be
When the ice cold chill of love
Forever embeds your soul,
Breaks your ankle into a sweet symphony,
And captures your heart
Until you are no longer a person.
You are a prisoner
As you allow the sweet surrender
Into the endless depths of her melodious torture.
And once you make it in,
You will refuse to leave.
For she is as you know
Your one and only

Submitted: December 17, 2007

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Wow, awesome use of poetic imagery, kudos! I like your style, it reminds me somewhat of what I write. I wish you'd take some time and check out some of mine. I'll check out more of yours.

Wed, October 14th, 2009 5:28am

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