A way of telling someone something that should have been said long ago.

It’s something about the way you make me lose my way.

Something about the things that I couldn’t say.

The way you laugh or the way you walk.

And the way you and I could always talk.

There’s something about the way you make sense to me

As your words caress my ears so evenly.

There’s something about you

That captivates my eyes

And fulfills my every dreams.

Talking to you

Is like being in a catatonic, orgasmic, and ecstatic



Every word you say

Sends me reeling into a 

Mind blowing understanding

Of what should be true.

I love you.

Those are words that should have been said

If I wasn’t so scared

To admit the reality

From the eternal


It’s in your way

That I could escape

And I can be truly me.

Maybe someday before I’m through

I will have my wish

And I can truly be

With you.


Submitted: December 14, 2007

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