The Game..The Chase..The Hunt

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Fear drove them all away, running, never stopping in one place too long. The game had begun, the chase was on, and the hunt, the hunt was a terrible, exhilerating, fear infested thing that stalked all who ran, and all who hid. They must find a way to stop the Game, or the pact will be no more.

Submitted: December 30, 2011

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Submitted: December 30, 2011



The Game, the Chase, the Hunt…

The city was dark, the streetlights flickering, cars passed by music blaring from loud speakers. Few people were out in the street, but the few there were, headed to the far end of the block where the club "Luna's" lights dimly lit the street in front of it. Loud, rhythmic music could be heard faintly in the distance. A group of people emerge from around the corner of a restaurant, each clothed in dark shirts, pants, jackets or cloaks,and knee high boots; comfortable enough to walk about the forest andin the middle of a packed city street without drawing too much attention. As the group strolls up to the archway of Luna's, beautifully intertwined with stone vines, leaves hanging artfully around the doorway; four men step out in front of them, and the group shifts to a halt.

“Where are you going?”a burly man on their right, decked out in black gear, and several piercings asks.

A middle aged man, with dark brown hair falling over his calm eyes answers “We were told this was a decent place to come and enjoy the night.” The group glances around never taking their eyes off their surroundings, as if expecting an attack. A young woman with long dark brown hair and dark green eyes shifts to the front of the group, blue cloak billowing around her. Another man barring their way speaks out.

“How do we know your one of us? Not just anyone can get in here.” He was a tall fellow, blond hair, blue eyed, with a haughty manner.

The young woman leans forward and snatches the man by the throat, staring him in the eye. “We are family brother, you will let us through.” He gasps as her dark green eyes turn a golden colour. She lets him go as he stutters “s-s-sorry”, the young woman flicks her wrist and the group behind her advances on the door, sweeping through the four gaping men.

The club is alive with people dancing, drinking, and enjoying the band that plays on a raised platform at the end of the club. A bar filled with people sets to the right with black risers on the left. The club is extravagantly decorated, burgundy, and black walls with flashing lights, small round tables below the square boxed risers. Hardwood floors and moderate black tiles line the dance floor. Few people notice the newcomers as the group descends the curving staircase. Glancing to the young man on her right, the cloaked woman replies “Everyone in small groups, Keep an eye on the entrances, we cannot be caught off guard here.” Her eyes scan the crowd “The Pack will be after us soon, the Game is far more complicated here. Christopher, Uric, Anna, with me.”

As the instructions are sent back through the group, each nods, and they separate into small groups mingling with the crowd below them. The young woman and her companions make their way to the bar, as they pass through the crowd people parted way, peeking at the newest arrivals. Stepping up onto the bar, the young woman signals the barkeep.

“Three shots of absinthe, and a shot of rum”

The bartender laughs, his black braided hair swings behind him“You sure you can handle it? Strong stuff… some say it’s poison.”

She looks at him with amusement “Only to the wrong people, i'm sure we can handle it.”

The bartender smiles knowingly, and holds out his hand “Devin, pleasure to meet you”

Shaking his hand she replies “Di, and these are Uric,” she gestures to the middle aged man at her left, “ Christopher, and Ileanna”

Ileanna frowns "Anna actually, Ileanna sounds so-"

"Beautiful" Christopher interjects with a smile as Anna rolls her eyes.

Devin laughs, and nods a greeting at each “ Why don’t you all have a seat, while I get your drinks, their on the house”. Devin turns away to handle the drinks, and the three sit down, Uric leaning his back against the bar,scanning the crowd. Seeing Uric perfectly at easeDaciana smiles to herself, she admired how Uric had always seemedso calmwhever he went, he adapted so well. Even after her parents had died in the fire and left her an orphan. He seemed so calm when he and her aunt had taken her in. She had thought that losing Aunt Lillian would have pushed him to his breaking point. But it hadn't. She could see how much it had effected him though, the pain in his eyes had dimmed; only flashing to the surface when something had reminded him of them. Even though he was only thirty-six Uric had aged considerably since their deaths. She worried about the pack, butshe was glad that she had Uric with her, he was her strenght and always kept her on the right path.

Leaning slightly to Di he asks “Do you really expect the clan to find us here? We’ve traveled a long way, they have to have lost our sent”.

Di grimaces “I doubt very much that they have lost our trail Uncle, besides Alique has Elijah on his side, he could track me to the end of the world and back” she looks over at him exasperatedly “I don’t know why you won’t just let me leave, it would be safer for the others, you know it would!”

“No, I know that the others have dedicated their lives to you and yours, and it is your duty above all else to see to their safety. You cannot shirk these responsibilities Daciana, besides they've chosen you, andthey'llfollow you whether you choose to lead or not. We are stronger together you know that”

Devin returns with their drinks, juggling them all on one large tray“Do you guys need anything else?”

Christopher answers him with a shake of his head hisblond hair shining under the lights“No, we’re good thanks”.

Daciana picks up her drink and downs it in one gulp “I know we’re stronger together, but-“

Ileanna's light brown hair swung as she shook her head in irritation.

“There is no buts, Di, we’re with you till the end. What's more, do you really think Alique will let you get away after everything that’s happened? The pack is divided, the rules were made, we must honor the Elders decision” Anna replies.

Uric leans over and squeezes her arm in symphathy “ Who do you think would take your place if you left?" "Certainly not lover boy over there” He eyes Christopher with amusement as he nudges his chair with his foot.

“Hey! Just because I can’t tear myself away from the most beautiful woman in my world, doesn’t mean I couldn’t best you Old Man!” Christopher replies, as he grabs Anna in a playful hug.

Anna giggles as Christopher picks her up and swings her in circles. Di rolls her eyes as Uric sticks his foot out, tripping the two and sending them sprawling into the floor.

“See, he can’t even keep from falling on his face!” Uric replies, feigning a face of pure innocence. Christopher jumps up from the floor pulling Anna with him.

“Let’s go, right now Old Man!” Christopher lunges towards him fists raised.

Di pushes in between them “Enough, settle it later, we’ve got company” she nods towards the door beyond the dance floor. A group of people, mostly men bar the doorway. Dressed similarly as Daciana’s crew, silver peeks out behind jackets, and boots. Di signals to a young boy about fourteen years old, he nods and scampers away grabbing others as he makes his way to the risers across the room. An uneasy feeling spreads around the room, the atmosphere around the strangers screams danger. As the group advances, Di and Uric make their way towards the center of the dance floor,the lights casting them all in an eerie glow, people back away leaving the two groups at a standoff.

Daciana speaks out first “ Alique”.

“Daciana, my dear how are you?”

“I expect Eli is close, your nose couldn’t find its way to me if I was standing in front of you, reeking of blood.” Di replies.

Dressed in all black, with grey eyes, and raven black hair, he strides forward “Tut, tut, such hospitality, and after we’ve traveled so far to see you" he shakes his head and reaches for Dacianas hand.

The entire club has gone silent, everyone waiting to see if a fight would ensue, the air is thick with anticipation and wariness. Loathing, and hate eminating from the two groups as they eyeball the competition.

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