The Passionate Peasants Love

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We were doing romance poetry in our enlgish class, and it had to resemble that of a romance poem in the renaissance era I believe. This is what I came up with. Enjoy!

Submitted: December 18, 2011

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Submitted: December 18, 2011



The Passionate Peasants Love

By: Darlene13

He was a tall, fair Knight of Golden Locks,

To which many a ‘women would herd flock,

His amour shone, beside his glossy steed,

As he rode the gates with all haste and speed!

It would truly be my heart’s desire,

If all those flocking women would catch fire!

That be it while I wish it would come true,

For all I want is you, and only you.

Be not afraid of my dark intentions,

The last, marks my emotional dissensions

Their burning, it would be a fiery toll

Be liken to that of my blazing soul

For you dear heart, may Cupid’s Arrow fly

To strike me down, that moment you walked by

Perhaps it was the rarity of fate,

That bid thee; bind me to the Lover’s Gate.

I see you when you walk among us peasants,

Handing out the coin like Christmas presents,

Thou hath a generous and kindly heart

Though, your blind eyes keep all but me apart.

Thou hath Honour, Pride and Integrity

Thee, be the model man of chivalry

It’s everything the Courtly Ladies crave

And that which many young knightly boys brave

The Truth dearest Knight, with all things abide,

If I were to die, it would be by your side,

For united as one, and I as a whole,

Love you so dearly Heart, Body and Soul.

But if it be truth, thou’st not loved me,

Content I’d be, if only thou live’st free.

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