The Loss of a Loved One!

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The loss of a loved one will leave you feeling empty inside, as if the world will never be the same.

The loss of a loved one will leave you feeling empty inside, as if the world will never be the same again and nothing will ever be able to heal your pain. The truth is that time will heal all wounds and the world keeps going on as if nothing ever happened. When my Daddy, and my Uncle Harold passed away the last thing I really wanted to hear from anyone was that it would get better as time continued, but they were right. Life is too short and you should live everyday as if it was your last because you never know when it could end. 

These past 4 months has been awful. Back in July my Uncle Harold Passed away and he was like my second dad. But then 3 months later on October 19th 2013 my Daddy passed away! The first thing everyone tells you is "I'm sorry, I know how you feel, I know what you're going through." That is the last thing that I wanted to hear from people because truth is, no you don't know what I'm going through. Until you have walked a mile in my shoes, you Don't know what I'm going through. You can imagine what I'm going through but you Don't Know!! Everyone grieves the loss of a loved one differently. No one grieves the loss of a loved one the same, because truth is that not everyone is as close to a loved one that you are. I loved my daddy more than anything and after almost 3 years with his long battle with cancer He finally defeated it and went to Heaven! A lot of people say, "If I had the chance I'd bring you back to Earth again." I miss him more and more every single day don't get me wrong but the last thing I would do is bring him back here to Earth because I know how much pain he was in and the faces he would make while he was in pain. I was sitting on the floor while he was sitting in his recliner I was holding his hand and at this time his eyes was closed and he had to have oxygen on and I knew he wouldn't open his eyes again because he would never let anyone put oxygen on him he always woke up as soon as the oxygen tube hit his face he would throw it down on the floor. And as I was sitting there on the floor I thought to myself, "I'll be okay. I'll be strong for my daddy." Truth is, as I was sitting there on the floor beside his recliner holding his hand watching him take his last breath I was far from okay, I was far from being strong. Honesty I immediately started crying, well, I was balling my eyes out. I'm only 19 no girl that young is supposed to lose their daddy right? Wrong, It doesn't matter what you could or couldn't have done to prevent what happened because no matter what I would've done to try to save my dad he still would've went on to be with Jesus in Heaven because it was the Lord's will and Thy will be done! I miss you more and more every day daddy! Sugar baby will always love you No Matter What!! <3

Whoever said winning isn't everything, they never had to Fight Cancer. Cancer SUCKS. It ruins many peoples lives. It has no heart. It kicks you when you're already down!!! You're my hero and I love you. I know that you're in Heaven and not in pain anymore but just know that you're my hero, my Dad, and I love you. When you're weak I'll be strong. When you let go ill hold on. I may not live forever but I am the Daughter of a Fighter! Sugar baby loves you daddy! Always and Forever! <3

Submitted: March 14, 2014

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This brought tears to my eyes. I am sorry that you and your family had to go through that. You really did an amazing job with this and you have amazing talent. Keep it up :)

Fri, March 14th, 2014 5:24am


Aww thank you so much!!! Make sure to check back because I'll be posting a bunch more! :)

Fri, March 14th, 2014 12:16pm

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