Always Speak Your Mind.

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The poem tells a story of when I was young fell in love but never told the boy.

Submitted: March 06, 2008

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Submitted: March 06, 2008



When your young you think you know,
All the places you want to go,
You meet a lad and fall for him in a big way,
Have some fun times even though he tries to lead you astray.

Things tick along just fine,
Going out together is such a good time,
Working together day to day,
Seeing each other in many different ways.

You think in your mind.
You are so lucky to have made this find,
You grow to love this lad,
Oh maybe this doesn't sound so bad.

Then one day he tells me,
He is going off to sea,
Better if we went out separate ways,
Oh I will never forget that day.

The first lad to break my heart,
Oh and how it tore me apart,
But I didn't want it to show,
I just wanted this sad feeling to go.

Off he went to sea,
Not knowing the effect he had made on me,
I moved on with my life,
A few years later I became another lads wife.

A few years down the line,
I chanced to meet my first love one more time,
We had both got on with our lives,
I was someone else's wife.

Thirty years went on by,
I had moved far away to give love another try,
It ended in such a mess.
Just wasn't meant to be a success.

I went on a website one night,
Sat there for hours looking at friends who were on this site,
Then to my surprise,
Your name before my eyes.

I dropped you a note say,
How were things going your way,
You answered me that very next night,
I didn't even think I might.

We exchanged emails quite a lot,
Even spoke on the phone which was strange somewhat,
Telling each other all the things we had done all those years gone by,
And I suddenly asked myself why?

Your married to your wife,
All those years of your life,
I knew there was no future for me with you,
There was nothing left to pursue.

Then I thought this needn't end,
You and I could still be friends,
So now we talk when we can.,
But I know you will never be my man.

I told him how I had felt,
All those years ago the blow he had dealt,
He told me he never knew,
How much it hurt me when it was through.

If only I had spoken out then,
We would never mentioned it again,
There are some lessons from this fact,
When you love them tell them exact.

This is dedicated to my first true love.

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