My Special Friendship

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I wrote this poem for a special friend. The lady in question is my ex partners wife. For four years we bickered and squabbled I being of course the injured party as my ex partner had went off with her after an affair. But last March something dreadful happened to her at the age of 39yrs she was diagnosed with cancer., overnight my views of her changed and from within our rocky start a great friendship has bloomed and I discovered the lovely person inside her.

I never saw you as the person I know now,
All those years ago, and all those silly rows,
Over the years I just tried to forget,
But many of the things I said I really did regret.

The way you entered into my life,
It cut me deep like a very sharp knife,
I know now you were not the person to blame,
Oh and how I hated the person I became.

So many years have gone by now,
Our lives move on somehow,
I never really hated you.
As I guess deep inside I somehow knew.

That inside you was a Friend within,
I would soon find her and let myself in,
I hope all the years gone by,
Oh and all the time I ask myself Why?

Been given a chance to be in your life,
Gone are the days of such strife,
I am here for you whenever you need me,
This I hope you can see.

Submitted: May 06, 2008

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