I'm feelin' your heartbeat

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This is a short story based off of one of my favorite songs "Heartbeat" by The Fray. I just kept listening to the song and got an idea so here ya go!

Submitted: June 08, 2012

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Submitted: June 08, 2012




“ Barry this is incredible!”  Jeanette giggled and threw her arms into the air. We were riding in the back of Chris’s flatbed along the coast, heading to our new home. The salty air was like a cool blanket that coated all 6 of us and it  felt so good compared to the arid weather back in Phoenix. Kirk threw his arm around me and planted a big kiss on my cheek. I giggled then threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. Shauna and Dawson burst into laughter at  this and Kirk stuck out his tongue at them in response.

“ Hope ya’ll  are getting enough tunes back there!” Chris yelled from the front seat. We all hooted and hollered as Marley  cranked up the stereo even louder.

It’d always been all of our dream’s to get a townhouse and move in all together. 3 couples, one town house off the coast of  Maine. Pretty amazing right? Kirk and I had already flown out here last December to check the place out and it was perfect. When we told everyone else they flipped and immediately began packing and giving us their split of the first month’s rent. Kirk’s brother, Martin was driving up the U- haul semi about 3 miles up the road from us with his wife Sarah. I still couldn’t believe that in just another 2 months I’d have a 2 new sister in laws and a new brother in law. Kirk and  were the only couple in the truck who wasn’t officially married yet but we didn’t mind. I had to have my dream date and I wouldn’t get married until that exact day.

“ So Melanie, when are you gonna make a decent husband outta Kirk here?” Shauna  squawked in her best valley-girl accent. Kirk wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him, rubbing his nose against mine.

“ I think I make a pretty good one already” I giggled then waved a finger at him.

“ah ah ah! You won’t be official until October! So don’t get too cocky before you have the papers to!” I blushed then kissed him again this time a little longer.

“ Oh get a room!” Barry chuckled, repositioning Jeanette so she was seated on his lap. I shot him a teasing sneer then focused my attention back on Shauna just as Marley yelled,

“ Hold on everybody! Bumps!” The girls held onto the walls of the flatbed for dear life while the men held onto their girls. We all exploded into giggles as our stomachs dropped to our feet. The air was crisp and light and the pines towered over us, letting in only a few glowing patches of sunlight here and there.

Just as the road smoothed out again the truck came around the corner to a wide open cliff with a perfect view of the sea.

“ none of you kids fall out ,okay?” Chris yelled back with only a slight hint at seriousness. I instantly pulled out my camera and began snapping  photos. Kirk looked like he was about to have an aneurism when  leaned up against the railing of the truck and he kept a firm grip on my hips in case there were a sudden flaw in the pavement.

“ darling I’m a grown woman. I can keep my balance on my own.” I snickered but Kirk didn’t seem to care. He responded with a grunt and only gripped me tighter.

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