Loathe entirely

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In light of recent events, I've composed this new poem for the man I previously composed my past poems for. Enjoy broken-hearted everywhere

Submitted: December 19, 2012

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Submitted: December 19, 2012



And so it comes,

As I came to see,

You're holding a common hatred for me.

So much we shared.

A life practically.

so perfect it was, seemingly.

We traveled together,

my life-long dream.

And that's when we had broke a seam.

You couldn't commit. 

Wouldn't even try.

You simply stated you'd rather die.

Your grasp let free

my loving heart

saying you needed a fresh start.

I didn't believe it.

not for second.

A lie of the heart, my mind beckoned.

You see me now,

from time to time

I swear I can hear a chime.

For your loathing

doth make a sound

sharper than any other found.

For I've found new love

in my best friend

for unto my heart he sought mend.

And mend it did.

I have moved on

Just like you'd told me all along.

But faster than your's

and thats the problem.

my heart is free from your hatred gruesome.

So move along,

you silly boy.

My love is no longer your broken toy.

I'm taken care of,

I'm well off.

cut out the stupid, ugly scoff.

I'm done with you.

You're done with me.

And now your story is history.


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