Tried and true in love

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This is a concise summary of my view on love, being the hopeless romantic that I am

Submitted: June 10, 2012

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Submitted: June 10, 2012



I read that a man once said,

" In every living thing there is a desire for love.".

How true this notion stands. To live a life without love is to die and at times I could have sworn my heart had stopped it's beating. But to fall and admit to one's self that you have fallen and then finally admit to your other that you have fallen take a greater deal of love and life than many will understand.  I am steadfast in my own ways of love, only adjusting when I have found a way to express said love in a deeper way. I openly confirm where I stand in a relationship and i remain myself through every trial bestowed upon me as well as gladly accepting the pain often accompanied with the way I feel. But on day I know I will find a love truer than true and the scorn of rejection and forgotten feelings will no longer course through my heart. It will not be apparent at first, waiting until the single most opportune moment to reveal itself. And I will always cherish and hold this love in my heart, knowing better than to ever let it go. I often wonder if others realize this about me for it's no fact to be tampered with. Just as that great man had once officiated in words much more delightful than i will reiterate now, we all want to be loved. Even the cruelest, most black hearted of all cannot deny this and they needn't for it shall survive through all eternity. See this now, open your heart and love shall find it's way to you.

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