Ghastly events and provocative behaviors devastates a starting a family. Internal betrayal, unwanted lust, and distrust. Who is to blame for all this mess? Who could to solve it? Or will it be solved?

Table of Contents

Escaping To Reality.

Maybe it is fate. Maybe I am destined to die... Read Chapter

Imagination and Insanity. Is it all the same?

Chapter III I opened my eyes. It was very bright. I pulled my arm to cover my eyes but it was tied. I tried looking around b... Read Chapter

Are you sane enough?

Chapter IV On the living room, Louise sat on Frank's lap while he made several faces. She laughed. He laughed. On several occasio... Read Chapter

Endless Nightmare.

A disease that spreads among us. Read Chapter


A/N: Blood is now off hiatus! Isn't that amazing? Anyhoo, just to refresh you memories, here's a quick recap of what happened during... Read Chapter


Chapter 8 And the days passed without anything getting better. And the days passed with everyone getting demoralized. A... Read Chapter

It's over.

Chapter 9:It's over. I'm fading away. -Jason’s POV- You know what, screw this. I hate seeing this whole fa... Read Chapter

Asleep or Dead?

Chapter 10 You're there, but are you really? -Ambulance Personnel’s POV- The beauty of the setting sun didn't lighten... Read Chapter