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Article dated September 7, 2008. Takes a look on Obama and McCain's plan concerning immigration.

Submitted: November 29, 2008

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Submitted: November 29, 2008




All throughout history, people have transferred from one place to another. In today’s terms, the transfer of people among different countries is most renowned as immigration. Manali Oak stated in his article entitled, “Pros and Cons of Immigration,” that immigration is a civil right of every individual, however, the way they choose to migrate to a diverse location can be either official or illegal. There are numerous reasons why an individual might wish to migrate. It could be for pursuit for greater opportunities—both education and employment, or an intent for entrepreneurial growth, to earn more money, or a search for innovative experiences unavailable to their home country. Immigration could have two outcomes; it could be beneficial or entirely disadvantageous. (Oak)

Immigration can cause an exchange of cultures, therefore resulting in distribution of knowledge among two countries. It also provides an avenue for people originating from different upbringings to collaborate and share knowledge with each other. However, immigration frequently leads to crowding in the nation where people relocates. Crowding in one particular place can cause a disproportionate use of resources. Moreover, illiterate immigrants can increase misconduct such as theft and hostility in a country, putting its native citizens at in a vulnerable position. (Oak) However, in this upcoming November 2008 Presidential Election, both Presidential Candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, has voiced their opinions and proposals concerning immigration.

Obama believes that previous politics’ mishandling of immigration issues caused the illegal immigration dilemma to worsen. Some of his broad plans for immigration reforms are as follows; construct a system that permits illegal immigrants lacking certifications, who are abiding the laws of United States, to be able to come out from secretion and avail the opportunity to become citizens; renovate the current system of government to balance the needs of immigrant workers in America. Enhance the security of the borders with the use of innovative advancements and meticulous intelligence; and create a contemporary, Employment Eligibility Verification System for companies to prevent the employment of undocumented immigrants. Obama also passed a comprehensive bill that increases that importance of keeping immigrant families together. However, the senator is also hoping to pass a bill that would invalidate large upsurges of fees for citizenship applications. (Barack Obama on Immigration)

John McCain, like Barack Obama, also believes that America’s immigration system is dysfunctional. He is dedicated to his two-step reform progression. First in his priority is to complete securing United State’s “broken and shabby” border. Guidelines and objectives for physical and virtual bulwark will be clearly set. Then, McCain will construct dependable, protected and precise electronic employment verification system to guarantee that all are examined for work eligibility. Transitory worker programs reflecting the industry needs of United States will be implemented. Also, it will be assured that highly-skilled workers, trained and educated in United States, may have the opportunity to reside and work in United States subsequent to graduation. In addition, enrollment of all undocumented immigrants to status resolution will be mandatory. (John McCain on Border Security and Immigration)

According to both candidates, as a nation of immigrants itself, the time for revolutionizing America’s immigration system is at this moment. It is time to compassionately deal with those individuals who came here to construct a better and more secure life for their families. Reforms and bills are desired and pledged to be accomplished. However, all we can do is hope that these promises are not just lies with appealing ribbons tied to them, designed to entice everyone, not just modern settlers.

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