Echoes of betrayal

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the feeling of knowing a lover betraying you

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



I felt it, it echoed out to me.

When he first touched you.

My soul started failing.

The touch reported to me.

I knew what I lost thus my heart lost its beat.

So I died inside, then eventually out.

What ones choice could possibly bring about.

The maelstrom of destructive thoughts and self doubt.

I heard it, when he whispered in your ear.

The sound of it resonated with the chords of fears.

My soul now deprived of feeling thus there are no tears.

The connection forged through time cut off by fate’s shear.

Your very essence lost to me and now I can’t feel you near.

As your voice becomes deaf to me as you speak to him so sincere.

I smelled it, as the scent pierced the air.

When you lay your head on his shoulder as he smells the scent of your hair.

The fowl stench of betrayal and fate pierces the air.

I began to suffocate off the smogs of despair.

So I tried to hold my breath.

But in the end I let go ready for death.

I saw it, almost telescopic for me.

Dead to all my senses and dead beyond what could be.

For the way you look at him was how you use to look at me.

So I closed my eyes and breathed my last.

As my body falls to the ground so fast, I cling to the memories which like me are now past.

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