Live for the beating

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Accepting hurt and moving on

Submitted: January 13, 2013

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Submitted: January 13, 2013





Again with the pain?

Again with the hurt?

Again with setting aside all of our hard work?

The time spent have all been tossed,

Has the meaning of us truly been lost?

For years I loved you,

For years I've cared,

Yet for some odd reason you feel you can be shared

And all those beasts want, is to forfill

The desire they dream of where there is nothing to feel

There is no love

There is no care

Only fools who want then and there

Who live for now and not care of you later

Cutting through our bond with their lustful saber

But that is it

That is where they go wrong

For I have a will to love, which is beyond strong

Its bold, strong, and brilliantly shines

And the enemy runs and begins to hide

And curse at me for my rough divide

They hate my name because I've drawn the line

Instead of leaving you as if I'm blind

I love you and forgive you and that is all

And continue to love you even when you fall

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